Rather than simply hearing her lecture, Heather’s students engage in every class. She wants students actively helping her work problems on the board to learn new concepts. It’s ok to be wrong! Her students learn to try and fail and try again, using those mistakes to gain mastery. Heather loves giving students a physical picture of the math they’re learning. If they can’t “see” it, they’re less likely to understand, so students draw plenty of pictures in math class! Heather loves pointing students to the Lord, drawing their attention to the wonder and beauty of how perfectly all mathematics fit together (not by chance!) and, by doing so, hopefully leading them to worship the Lord. 

Heather is a homeschool mom of nine precious children. She has always loved learning, and her grandfather was instrumental in developing in her a lifelong love for math. Heather graduated with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. She taught Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Calculus AB at a small public high school for three years before returning to A&M to obtain a master’s degree in mathematics. She then taught finite math and business calculus at Texas A&M University and helped create math entrance exams as well as video solutions and explanations to homework problems for a college algebra class. For the past ten years, she has focused on homeschooling her children and learning how to teach them classically.

Residing in Houston, Texas, she and her husband Eric have been active members of Sovereign Grace Church Pearland for the past fifteen years. She is passionate about passing down the baton of faith and loves morning times with her children memorizing Scripture, reading from God’s Word and catechizing. In her “spare” time, she enjoys activities with her family—walks and runs, playing sports in their cul-de-sac or reading books.


Courses taught by Heather Axelson