Daniel believes that students who develop an appreciation for the culture of a language will become more excited about the process of learning it. He has learned that culture and communication cannot be separated and that a key part of learning a language must involve learning about the culture of the people as well. Through his education and experiences—he lived in Thessaloniki, Greece, for nearly six years and now lives in Southern Mexico, near Acapulco, with his wife, Lety—Daniel has developed a sense of wonder for how God works in the world, connecting us to one another. He hopes that his students will also develop that same sense of wonder through their study of other languages and cultures.

Daniel was born in Mississippi and grew up in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in political science before earning his Master of Divinity and doctorate in theology from the University of Thessaloniki, Greece. While studying in Greece, Daniel developed a great interest in studying and teaching foreign languages. Since that time, he has acquired four language certifications, become proficient in Modern Greek and Spanish, and developed reading proficiency in Koine (New Testament) Greek.


Courses taught by Daniel Miles