Denise loves helping students discover the fascinating way mathematics reflects the order and structure of God’s creation. In each class, she delights in watching students discover patterns and connect new ideas to those they have already mastered. She strives to communicate each concept in a way that is clear, logical, memorable and even (gasp!) fun.

Denise graduated from Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor of Science in secondary education mathematics and a Master of Education of the hearing impaired, and she has been teaching math ever since. For five years she taught in public middle and high schools, and when her children came along, she and her husband educated them at home. She also taught at a community college as well as a local homeschool cooperative, which she helped organize and manage. Denise has enjoyed teaching online since 2010. She also enjoys reading and discussing interesting books with friends, hiking, crocheting, Zumba, disc golfing with her family and dark chocolate.

“By learning math, students develop characteristics and habits that help them flourish in life. Even if students someday work in a career where they don’t use math regularly, they will use tenacity, organization, problem-solving, patience, attention to detail, and recognizing patterns, all of which we practice daily in class.”

Courses taught by Denise George