Greg has a passion for God’s Word and for God’s glory to be revealed in the lives of his students. Whether they are plumbing the depths of Odysseus’ trip to Hades or following the meandering of Herodotus’ Histories, he wants his students to see God’s handiwork and be transformed by God’s Word. Greg encourages students to apprehend what they are reading, but also to know, appreciate and be able to apply the implications of the text. 

Greg earned a Bachelor of Arts in Bible from Asbury College and a Master of Divinity from Covenant Seminary. He joined Wilson Hill in 2017 and has become an important member of The Great Conversation teaching team. As a life-long learner, he is passionate about teaching God’s truth revealed in His Word and His world. Greg also serves as a pastor and a Chaplain in the USAF, but his greatest privilege is being married to the love of his life, Lara, for 24 years. Together they enjoy the love and laughter of five children. 

Greg received a note from a parent recently that describes his hope for every student in his classes:

We have never seen Elizabeth as passionate about reading, learning, or school in general as she is this year, and in particular your class. She’s started to think more critically and logically, to take her studies more seriously, and she’s developed a true love of reading that is far beyond what I could have hoped for her. Most importantly, she has gained an understanding and love for the Bible. You have helped lay a strong foundation for her in understanding who God is to us through your teaching.”



Courses taught by Greg Lawrence