Introducing students to the marvels of creation and science brings Teri great joy and is evident in all of her classes through lively conversations, engaging hands-on demos and labs, model-building, fun review games, virtual field trips, and much more. Teri loves how her students interact on webcam with good questions and laughter, often lingering after class to express their curiosity about the day’s topic. She especially appreciates when a successful experiment generates both her students’ anticipation and surprise and then watching them connect dots and feel inspired to experiment more at home. 

Teri Everett holds a Bachelor of Science in biology teacher education from the University of Houston and has a combined 23 years of teaching biology, life science, physical science and general science classes in public schools, private schools, classical Christian schools, and a homeschool co-op in Texas, Maryland and Washington. She has helped develop science fairs for middle and high school students at two local classical Christian schools and has taught grammar science and life science at Wilson Hill Academy since 2015. Along with her husband of 30+ years, Teri enjoys adventuring with her four children, backpacking, waterskiing, cycling, camping, cross-country skiing, and especially sharing their backyard ice rink with their church and neighbors.


Courses taught by Teri Everett