Heather brings physics to life for her students through demos, labs and by making connections to her students’ everyday lives. Studying and understanding physics helps students see the mechanisms behind the workings of God’s creation. Her students learn that the same principles that apply to the far reaches of God’s universe also work in the kitchen! Heather has a passion for guiding her students to discover the intricacies and grandeur of God’s creation, which He actively sustains. She experiences great joy and satisfaction watching her students reach a point of understanding the material or deepen their understanding and consequently delighting in God’s creation. 

Originally hailing from Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, Heather makes Kalamazoo, MI, her home. Yes—there really is a Kalamazoo! In 1995, Heather graduated from Redeemer University with a Bachelor of Science in biology and continued on to Calvin University to complete a year of courses in a post-bachelor program and to obtain her secondary education certification with an emphasis in biology and a group science minor. Heather received her Master of Arts in science education from Western Michigan University in 2004.

Heather began her education career at a Christian high school teaching AP Biology, Biology, Chemistry and Natural Science for five years. For the past several years, Heather has taught pedagogy classes to teachers in the Masters in Science Education program at Western Michigan University. In the intervening years, Heather is grateful to have been home with her children: a daughter, born with a heart defect who lived four years, and two active boys. Heather enjoys reading, sewing, family walks, bike rides and audiobooks on road trips. She has also had the privilege of leading a women’s Bible study group for the past twelve years and singing with the worship teams at Heritage Christian Reformed Church.

“Mrs. Tuin changed physics from something that terrified me into something that I love.” —Former student


Courses taught by Heather Tuin