Tobin Duby lies awake thinking of ways to explain complex subjects to his students. Before he teaches a lesson, he first ensures the lesson engages him. He finds what is inspiring, humorous or satisfying about his subject and then presents it conversationally to make it relatable to his students. Sometimes this means pausing a lesson briefly to discuss a particular idea in more depth or how that idea connects to seemingly unrelated subjects, to what students already know about themselves, the world and, ultimately, the Gospel story.

Tobin grew up working in his parents’ home business selling science supplies to homeschoolers and holds a bachelor’s in classical liberal arts from Patrick Henry College.  He’s thankful every day for the cognitive benefits of classical education and wants to share them with others. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and two small princesses. When he’s not teaching, he studies symbolism and literary theory and works to perfect the ultimate B-movie script.


Courses taught by Tobin Duby