Abigail Hicks

Abigail has experienced both sides of the Wilson Hill Academy screen, first as a student and now as a teacher, and she knows firsthand that the online classroom is a powerful tool for learning languages. Abigail’s students learn to scrutinize their sentence translations, sing about personal pronouns and discover what pirates have to do with […]

Amber Wilder

Amber loves how her classroom is like a family. They pull for each other, push each other and sometimes even eat breakfast together. They genuinely enjoy growing and learning in the Lord. As she teaches, Amber incorporates real life stories and experiences to relate to her students as much as possible. By reading together, writing […]

Anna Boydstun

Anna’s students can expect to be so engaged in Socratic discussion that they barely notice the time go by. By telling stories, she brings the past to life. Anna likes to include  lesser-known elements of the history of subjects—a “behind the scenes” account that intrigues students and sparks their desire to research beyond the classroom […]

Annie Crawford

Although modernist texts can be difficult to read and understand, Annie brings literature to life in her classroom. Students leave Annie’s classes with the confidence and tools to tackle and understand any story. More than anything, Annie loves to help others learn how to look at the world around them and see that all truth […]

Becky Ekholm

Becky finds joy in bringing math and science to life for her students through real world examples and demonstrations as often as possible. While teaching her students important content, she is also training them to evaluate their own work and develop effective study skills.  Becky is a homeschool mom and a military spouse. In 2004, […]

Bill Peacock

Bill Peacock has been studying and applying theological and economic truths to his work in public policy for more than twenty years. At Wilson Hill, Bill loves using his knowledge and experience to help his students master important concepts of history, government and economics by first understanding the biblical foundations of those subjects. Starting with […]

Bob Donaldson

Whether in history or composition, students in Mr. Donaldson’s class can expect wide-ranging conversations that highlight nuances of the topic under discussion. His immense curiosity is infectious, and he often reminds his students that it is not grammar that is boring, but most grammarians. Historical events come alive as Mr. Donaldson challenges the students to […]

Brandon Shufflebarger

Brandon grew up in Indiana playing basketball and Euchre and engaging in numerous other Hoosier pastimes. After working in corporate finance for a brief stint, he joined Teach for America where he taught math for three years at disadvantaged schools in both rural Mississippi and inner-city Indianapolis. His classical teaching experience began at Regents School […]

Brian Melton

At heart, Dr. Melton is a storyteller who emphasizes thinking and understanding. He brings the past to life by focusing on personalities and the flow of ideas, with the search for truth as a constant companion. In his classes, students enjoy unique content delivery with a heavy emphasis on discussion. His students can expect leadership […]

Carrie Wentworth

Carrie has a passion for teaching and takes great joy in her students asking thought-provoking questions, experiencing “light bulb” moments with difficult concepts, and discovering truth while exploring the beauty of God’s creation around them. While they conduct rock and mineral identification tests on unknown specimens, build a seismometer out of household items, model weathering […]

Daniel Miles

Daniel believes that students who develop an appreciation for the culture of a language will become more excited about the process of learning it. He has learned that culture and communication cannot be separated and that a key part of learning a language must involve learning about the culture of the people as well. Through […]

Denise George

Denise loves helping students discover the fascinating way mathematics reflects the order and structure of God’s creation. In each class, she delights in watching students discover patterns and connect new ideas to those they have already mastered. She strives to communicate each concept in a way that is clear, logical, memorable and even (gasp!) fun. […]

Elena Solis

Elena’s bilingual and bicultural background inspires her passion for teaching the Spanish language and sharing its culture. She brings personal experiences and understanding to the classroom and creates fun, interactive opportunities for her students to master Spanish, the official language of more than twenty countries. As her students learn the language, they simultaneously delve into […]

Eric Reini

Eric’s students can expect to have fun every day! The best days are when they laugh a lot and enjoy moments when the “light bulb” comes on, and a student says, “Wow—I think I see it!” Eric strives to consistently connect what students are learning about math and the Gospel with what they have learned […]

Greg Lawrence

Greg has a passion for God’s Word and for God’s glory to be revealed in the lives of his students. Whether they are plumbing the depths of Odysseus’ trip to Hades or following the meandering of Herodotus’ Histories, he wants his students to see God’s handiwork and be transformed by God’s Word. Greg encourages students […]

Heather Axelson

Rather than simply hearing her lecture, Heather’s students engage in every class. She wants students actively helping her work problems on the board to learn new concepts. It’s ok to be wrong! Her students learn to try and fail and try again, using those mistakes to gain mastery. Heather loves giving students a physical picture […]

Heather Hartman

Heather enjoys fostering classroom community through respect, encouragement and enthusiasm. Using everyday, real-life examples and hands-on labs, she strives to kindle joy and wonder even while teaching difficult concepts. She delights in seeing her students master material and overcome challenges as they persevere to learn more about God’s goodness, truth and beauty in the sciences. […]

Heather Tuin

Heather brings physics to life for her students through demos, labs and by making connections to her students’ everyday lives. Studying and understanding physics helps students see the mechanisms behind the workings of God’s creation. Her students learn that the same principles that apply to the far reaches of God’s universe also work in the […]

Jana Gomillion

Jana has a deep love for classical education and enjoys helping sweet, wide-eyed students navigate through what can sometimes be challenging academic years. She believes the relationship between student and teacher is special because at just the right moment, the teacher can capture curiosity and help students embrace, develop and expand it. Jana seeks to […]

Janelle Fleming

When Janelle Fleming talks about loving to dive into science, she means it! As a practicing oceanographer, Janelle has the ability to share her unique experiences in the classroom. She likes to say she has been studying and enjoying God’s creation since birth.  Janelle earned a bachelor’s in mathematics from Wesleyan College, a master’s in […]

Joanna Hensley

Joanna Hensley has enjoyed teaching Latin and literature online since 2007. Active in classical education for over two decades as a teacher, writer and conference speaker, she has published several chapters in the Omnibus series, which forms the backbone of Wilson Hill’s The Great Conversation courses. Inspired by her own high school Latin teacher, Joanna […]

Jodi Smith

Jodi’s classroom is an exciting place where time flies! She has a passion for instilling in her students the love of books and leads them on a thrilling journey through language, literature, poetry and art, immersing themselves in God’s beauty, goodness and truth. Her students come to class excited to participate. They work hard and […]

Joel Varano

Although he finds logic and philosophy fascinating in themselves, Joel especially enjoys helping students use these disciplines to clarify and defend the Christian faith. He loves when students move from confusion to suddenly understanding a topic and why it matters. Recently, he felt humbled when a student created a handcrafted plaque thanking him for not […]

John Choi

One of John’s greatest passions is classical Christian education, and he takes very seriously Wilson Hill’s commitment to cultivate love for God and neighbor—ancient or modern. In his classes, students learn to see history as a cohesive narrative filled with severely flawed characters, whom they discover they are more like than unlike. John’s students will […]

Jordan Dwelle

Jordan enjoys helping students with challenging math problems and loves to see the dawning of understanding when they grasp a new concept. He found his first true appreciation of the beauty and order in mathematics during a college calculus class, and his love of mathematics has continued to grow. He thinks there is little more […]

Kathy Sweet

In her classes, Kathy and her students enjoy hard texts, lots of laughs, deep discussions, the Gospel, and maybe a few funny videos. They endeavor to learn, discover and grapple with God’s truth together. Often, when they are enthralled with their discussion, trying to identify where it all points to Jesus, they lose track of […]

Kaye Pepin

Like all teachers at Wilson Hill, Kaye begins every class with prayer. However, before they move into their lessons, her students recite a math catechism. The goal is for students to internalize God’s work in their world through math and to see the beautiful, good and true in this amazing subject. Occasionally, Kaye’s personal reading […]

Kelly Songer

Kelly loves teaching Latin and is eager to share her love of languages with her students.  Many enter her class thinking Latin will be a dry, boring subject, but nothing could be further from the truth! Soon her students are having fun and recognizing the patterns, structure and beauty in the Latin language. When they […]

Laura Ruby

Laura loves working with children of any age and especially her Wilson Hill students! She delights in them and the energy they bring to each class with their eagerness to learn, imagine, discuss, analyze, ponder, play and seek God. She is passionate about the beauty, goodness and truth in Wilson Hill’s integrated writing curriculum and […]

Leah Coll

Leah’s unconventional journey to teaching Latin at Wilson Hill began with her younger son’s struggle with reading. The family launched into home-education where Leah stumbled upon Latin and immediately fell in love with the beauty and benefits of studying this ancient language. While teaching her own children, she became determined to master Latin for herself, […]

Leslie Burns

For Leslie, each class is unique since it includes a mix of uniquely created individuals. She and her students savor the silly and profound interactions that create the class DNA. Leslie likes to enliven studies with games, jokes and collaboration. Occasionally, she may welcome a “guest,” like the zany Professor Nerdly, who reminds students to […]

Lindsey Church

Lindsey begins each class with a “brain teaser” that gives students the opportunity to discover patterns through logic problems. As they learn new material, she seeks to help her students engage in the twofold process of exploration described by Francis Su in Mathematics for Human Flourishing. He argues that to do math properly means to […]

Lindsey De Leo

Through personal stories and a deep passion for all things Francophone, Lindsey brings the French world to life in her classroom. She wants her students to have fun learning a language that will serve them for a lifetime. Delighting in the “Aha” moments her students experience, she strives to achieve these often. The opportunity to […]

Matt Colvin

The levity and humor in Dr. Colvin’s classroom balances his depth of knowledge of the ancient world and its languages. Memes, games and creative assignments such as counterfeiting a prehistoric piece of art or producing a short video documentary engage the students in a lively study of all things ancient. Matt considers his students to […]

Meagan Songer

Meagan has a genuine love for her subject which is contagious and helps bring language arts to life for her students. Together they enjoy amazing adventures through the stories they read and a lively, energetic classroom where students feel comfortable actively participating even if they don’t know an answer. Meagan loves that her students live […]

Megan Shepard

Megan’s classroom comes alive through the reading of classical literature with tales of heroic tropes, creatures beyond imagination and characters who are worth emulating. Her passion for classical literature and ancient history transfers to her students as she demonstrates to them what she loves. She strives to draw each student into the stories she teaches, […]

Michelle Hill

Inspiring a love of learning in her students is Michelle’s greatest passion. When introducing her students to a new book, she first asks them to fan the pages and “smell the adventure.” Michelle appreciates how curious and eager to learn her Wilson Hill students are when they come to class. She loves when her students […]

Peter Ohotnicky

Math is beautiful, and Peter wants his students to understand its order, patterns, symmetry, and the rational system by which it works. He teaches students how the human heart longs to be in harmony with that rational system, because people are made in the image of God who is the Logos. By learning math, students […]

Philip Althage

Prior to joining Wilson Hill Academy, Philip served as a school leader and instructor of mathematics, literature, science and philosophy in classical schools in Texas and Arizona. In his capacity as headmaster, he served in the founding of two schools serving over 1500 scholars in the tradition of the liberal arts. The vision of an […]

Rachel Verbois

Chemistry doesn’t have to be dry or boring! The ideal class uses a fun approach to diligently examine the material. Rachel and her students enjoy laughing and learning together. She brings her subject to life by regularly incorporating real-life examples of chemistry principles in action, using both live and virtual demonstrations or mini-labs. Students are […]

Ranya Bailey

Ranya’s students are always active during class—observing, inquiring, discussing, processing, solving problems and delighting in what God has made and our abilities to understand His work. She helps her students look at the world around them and delight in the complexity rather than be intimidated by it. Ranya connects science concepts to familiar ideas and […]

Ryan Handermann

Ryan has taught a wide variety of students, ranging from rambunctious kindergarteners to high school drop-outs and seminary professors (the easy students). Before joining Wilson Hill Academy in 2017, Ryan had been teaching Latin and Humanities for eight years. He taught four years at an ACCS school, three years at a homeschool co-op, and two […]

Sara McGahey

Sara loves to teach and to learn. Her students’ aha moments of comprehension, their wonderment at God’s world, and their sheer delight of learning bring her both joy and blessing. As humans yearn to be seen and known, Sara wants to see and know her students as a glimpse of how God sees and knows […]

Sarah Collister

Sarah cares about making personal connections to her students’ lives and believes learning and literature come alive through these connections!  For that reason, she will often start class by asking a question to spark discussion. When discussing literature, she encourages students make connections to characters or plot points to help them retain the key themes […]

Shannon Galloway

From a very early age, Shannon knew she wanted to teach, but it wasn’t until she attended the LBJ Science Academy for high school that she discovered she loved science. After attending Concordia University in Austin where she majored in secondary education with a science composite focus, she moved to California to teach. She spent […]

Susan D’Souza

Given the choice between a handful of word problems that require conceptual application and a page filled with rote math problems, many students gravitate away from problems that require them to think. Susan flips that script by coaching students to problem-solve using mathematical principles and thinking skills—techniques that can be used to solve problems in […]

Susie Trammell

In her science classes, Susie strives to emphasize wonder and mastery. Her students learn how to prepare for upper-level science while mastering middle school science through plenty of hands-on activities and engaging discussions in which they move from answering the “What?” questions to begin pondering the “Why?” All classes begin with review, connecting the new […]

Sylvia Chen

For Sylvia, bringing biology to life for her students is easy—after all, they are studying living things! As a biology teacher, she focuses on “getting the story out” to her students and watching God reveal to them the wonder of what they are studying. Sure, they conduct plenty of fun experiments and demos, and work […]

Tammy Jones

When working with students, Tammy focuses on pointing them to the Creator. Students who study a biblical worldview with her will gain a clear understanding of who God is and who they are in relation to Him and the world. Tammy uses storytelling to engage students and teach them what has value and is worth […]

Teri Everett

Introducing students to the marvels of creation and science brings Teri great joy and is evident in all of her classes through lively conversations, engaging hands-on demos and labs, model-building, fun review games, virtual field trips, and much more. Teri loves how her students interact on webcam with good questions and laughter, often lingering after […]

Tobin Duby

Tobin Duby lies awake thinking of ways to explain complex subjects to his students. Before he teaches a lesson, he first ensures the lesson engages him. He finds what is inspiring, humorous or satisfying about his subject and then presents it conversationally to make it relatable to his students. Sometimes this means pausing a lesson […]

Tom Vierra

Tom measures a class not by the amount of content he covers (though that is important on some level) but by the depth of interest and involvement he experiences from his students. When students “own” the content being discussed, when they show genuine wonder in the topics under consideration, not for their grade in the […]

Wendy Seefried

Wendy loves sharing her enthusiasm for math that began when her high school teacher explained that God reveals himself in the ordered and consistent world of math. She incorporates a variety of fun ways to engage her students. By regularly demonstrating how and why math processes work—rather than merely memorizing operations—her students not only systematically […]