Annie Crawford

Annie Crawford is a homeschooling mom, teacher, and nature-lover whose heart has been captured by the beauty of truth. More than anything, she loves to help others learn how to look at the world around them and see that all truth is God’s truth. As an undergraduate, Annie had the privilege of studying literature and […]

Bart Martin

Bart Martin was born and raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, though he would like to think he was born and raised in Middle-earth. He attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point where he majored in philosophy. During his five years as a M1A1 Abrams tank platoon leader and company executive officer, he discovered that […]

Becky Winn

Becky Winn is a long-time teacher and former school principal with decades of teaching experience in various settings, including classrooms, co-ops, and private tutoring.  She began homeschooling her own seven children in the “pioneer” days” of the early 1980s, ultimately teaching all of them at home all the way through high school. In 1988 she […]

Bob Donaldson

Bob Donaldson fell in love with history and foreign languages as a teenager, and has been a life-long learner of both. He credits his father’s love of history and literature for the first love, and his father’s insistence that he study Latin beginning at age 13 (even though his preference was German) for the second. […]

Brandon Shufflebarger

Brandon grew up in Indiana playing basketball and Euchre and engaging in numerous other Hoosier pastimes. After working in corporate finance for a brief stint, he joined Teach for America where he taught Math for three years at disadvantaged schools in both rural Mississippi and inner-city Indianapolis. His classical teaching experience began at Regents School […]

Carrie Wentworth

Carrie Wentworth was born and raised in the charming New England town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  After being home-schooled from grades four to twelve, she went on to study Elementary Education at Liberty University where she graduated with a B.S. of General Studies and K-8 teacher certification.  Her first teaching position was with a classical […]

Daniel Miles

Daniel Miles was born in Mississippi and grew up in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and then went on to do his Master of Divinity and PhD in Theology from the University of Thessaloniki, Greece.   While studying in Greece, Daniel developed a great interest in studying and […]

Denise George

Denise George graduated from Bloomsburg University with a B.S. in Secondary Education Mathematics and an M.S. in Education of the Hearing Impaired, and she has been teaching math ever since. She first taught for 5 years in public middle and high schools, and then when her children came along, she taught them at home. She […]

Eric Reini

Eric Reini has a BA in mathematics secondary education and a Master’s of Education from Cedarville University. His 16 years of teaching experience include teaching in a “brick and mortar” Christian School, an inner-city public school, community college, and 3 years in a classical Christian online school. He lives in Marion, Ohio with his wife […]

Erin Holcomb

Erin holds a Bachelor’s of Literature and History from Texas A&M University and is currently working on a Master’s of Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary. She graduated from Regents School of Austin, and attributes to her classical education an affection for the satisfying symmetry of a syllogism, the purity of a physics equation, and […]

Greg Lawrence

Greg Lawrence joined WHA in 2017 and has become an important member of The Great Conversation teaching team.  As a life-long learner, he is passionate about teaching God’s truth revealed in His Word and His world.  Greg has served as a pastor (19 years) and a Chaplain in the USAF (10 years), but his greatest […]

Heather Tuin

Originally hailing from Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, Heather makes Kalamazoo, MI, her home. Yes – there really is a Kalamazoo! In 1995, Heather graduated from Redeemer University with a B.Sc. in Biology and continued on to Calvin University to complete a year of courses in a post-bachelor program and to obtain her secondary education certification with […]

Heather Axelson

Heather Axelson is a homeschool mom of nine precious children, ranging in age from 14 years down to 18 months. She has loved learning and teaching from the beginning, and her grandfather was instrumental in developing in her a life-long love for math. As a child, she began making math flash cards and homework for her first […]

Janelle Fleming

Janelle Fleming has been studying and enjoying God’s creation since birth. She has a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, a Master’s degree in computational mathematics with a minor in Oceanography from Texas A&M University, and a PhD in Physical and Biological Oceanography from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. […]

Joanna Hensley

Joanna Hensley has been teaching Latin and literature online since 2007.  Active in classical education for over a decade as a teacher, writer, and conference speaker, Joanna has published several chapters in the Veritas Press Omnibus series, which forms the backbone of WHA’s The Great Conversation courses. Inspired by her own high school Latin teacher, Joanna studied classics and […]

Jodi Smith

Jodi graduated with honors from Auburn University of Montgomery with a B.S. in Elementary Education. She taught for five years in both public and private schools before staying home at the birth of her first child. In 2002 when their oldest child reached kindergarten, the Smiths decided to homeschool. The next years were spent raising, […]

Joel Varano

Prior to joining Wilson Hill in 2018, Joel Varano taught for six years at a classical Christian school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife, Stephanie, and their two children, Moses and Pearl. His degrees include a Master of Arts in Philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary, and a Bachelor of Music from Lebanon […]

Jordan Dwelle

Jordan Dwelle is new to Wilson Hill Academy for the 2017-2018 school year. He graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. During graduate school Jordan, along with many interesting research projects, had numerous opportunities to teach college students […]

Josh Keller

Josh Keller was born in Minnesota, but did most of his real growing up in Kansas. He attended a small Christian Classical School in Topeka called Cair Paravel Latin School. And yes…they were the Lions. They also had other Narnian related jokes and memes. He moved down the road to Manhattan, Kansas to complete a […]

Josie Lowery

Josie graduated from Wheaton College with a B.A. in Social Science/Psychology and an emphasis in Education. She taught middle school English, literature, and math at a private Christian school until her first child was born. In 2003, the Lowerys decided to homeschool their three children and enjoyed every minute of that journey together.  During that […]

Julie Etter

Julie has been an educator for the past 20 years, working with students in preschool to ninth grade in both online and bricks-and-mortar schools. She has a love for history that began with a 4th grade Virginia state history project, evidenced by the fact that she reads every plaque in history museums. Julie attended Liberty […]

Kathy Sweet

Kathy Sweet is a Southern California girl who tried to be an East Coaster but has recently landed in Austin, Texas. After graduating from California State Polytechnic University at Pomona with a BA in English Education, she moved to New York City to get her Master’s in Literature from Hunter College on the Upper Eastside. […]

Kaye Pepin

Kaye Pepin brings a wealth of life experience to WHA as well as many years of online teaching experience in both math and the humanities.  First as a military brat and then as a spouse of an American soldier, Kaye Pepin has spent her life traveling the globe.  Her primary professional passions have been reading, […]

Kelly Songer

Kelly Songer graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1990 with a B.A. in Human Communication. She and her husband, Jimmy, lived and worked as missionaries in the Philippines for fourteen years, where all four of their children were born. Her love of languages was sparked when she studied Greek in college. After that she learned […]

Laura Ruby

Laura has loved children since she was a child herself and has enjoyed teaching children of all ages – preschool through eighth grade. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, by beloved Christian parents of five, she benefitted from a solid biblical foundation before she left home to attend Baylor University and later graduate from the […]

Leah Coll

Leah began teaching Latin at Wilson Hill in 2016 and brings 20 plus years of combined teaching experience from home, homeschool co-op, and formal classroom settings. She graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and spent the first ten years of her working life as a critical […]

Leslie Burns

Leslie Burns hails from rural New Hampshire, where she enjoys life with her husband Tom, a pastor, and four children aged eleven to twenty-four. She counts it a privilege to join the Wilson Hill team in raising a new generation of gracious and winsome Christ-followers, equipped to bring hope to the world at such a […]

Lindsey Church

Lindsey currently lives in Hillsdale, Michigan, but was proudly born and raised in Buffalo, New York. After completing a BA in Mathematics (with minors in Classical Education and Latin) at Hillsdale College, she moved to the Detroit area to teach upper school math and logic at a classical Christian school. She also got to serve […]

Lindsey De Leo

Lindsey graduated with her B.A. in both French and Art History from the University of West Georgia. After specializing in early Church Architecture during her study of Art, her love of the French Language was sealed on her first study abroad trip to Tours, France. She fell in love with the language, culture, people, and […]

Matt Colvin

Matt Colvin holds a PhD in Classics from Cornell University and a BA in Latin and Greek from the University of Maryland. He is ordained in the Reformed Episcopal Church and spent 2012-2017 as an Anglican missionary in Indonesia and the Philippines, where he taught Biblical languages to Filipino pastors. An experienced classical Christian teacher, […]

Meghan Hambleton

Meghan graduated from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville with a Master of Arts degree in English Literature and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Literature and Medieval History. She began teaching for an online classical academy in 2014, right after she married her best friend and highschool sweetheart. After four years, Meghan and her […]

Naomi Wise

Naomi has always loved stories. She credits her grandmother in South Africa who would enthrall the children with vivid storytelling. After Naomi and her husband moved to the United States, she began to homeschool their two children, and then enrolled them in a classical Christian school for their middle school and high school years. Teaching […]

Nicki Chandler

Nicki Chandler’s inquisitive and analytical nature is what originally drew her to the study of science. She had an amazing and influential high school biology teacher who inspired her to major in Zoology in college. Nicki graduated from the University of Florida in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. Soon after college graduation she […]

Philip Althage

Prior to joining Wilson Hill Academy, Philip served as a school leader and instructor of mathematics, literature, science, and philosophy in classical schools in Texas and Arizona. In his capacity as headmaster, he served in the founding of two schools serving over 1500 scholars in the tradition of the liberal arts. The vision of an […]

Rachel Verbois

We are pleased to welcome Rachel Verbois to the Wilson Hill faculty for the 2019-20 academic year. Rachel earned her B.S. in Chemistry from Louisiana State University in 2004, followed by a Masters in Teaching from the University of Virginia in 2006, where she met and married her husband Caleb, also a Louisiana native. She […]

Ranya Bailey

Ranya has a B.Sc. in Biology with a focus in biochemistry, molecular biology and genetic research.  This was followed by a Doctor of Medicine degree and Family Medicine residency.  She left the practice of medicine once her first child was born.  She now has 5 children and has been teaching in homeschool and homeschool co-op […]

Rich Lusk

Rich Lusk can often be found in his study surrounded by stacks of books. Having more books around than he could ever possibly read in one lifetime is way of staying humble, or so he says. Rich grew up quite literally all over the country (and briefly in Canada) before spending his high school years […]

Ronnie Long

Ronnie serves as the Head of the Grammar School at Regents School of Austin.  Prior to coming to Regents School in August of 2001, Ronnie served as a Youth and Family Pastor for ten years. He spent sixteen years in the classroom at Regents teaching 5th grade for four years and SOL Bible for twelve.  […]

Roy Bradley

Roy is a native of the Piney Woods of East Texas, and currently resides with his family in Nacogdoches — “The oldest town in Texas.” He has spent the past decade working professionally as a Classical Christian educator and administrator. He has taught courses in logic, mathematics (algebra, trigonometry, and geometry), rhetoric, apologetics, and integrated […]

Ryan Handermann

Before joining Wilson Hill Academy for the 2017-18 school year, Ryan Handermann had been teaching Latin and Humanities for 8 years. He taught four years at an ACCS school, three years at a homeschool coop, and two years online with the Davenant Latin Institute (among others). He has taught a wide variety of students, ranging […]

Samantha Lucas

Samantha Lucas is a second generation Spanish teacher, following in her mother’s footsteps. She is originally from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, but moved with her family to Naples, FL when she was twelve years old.  After high school, she returned to Indiana where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Valparaiso University where […]

Sara McGahey

Sara loves to teach and learn. Her students’ aha moments of comprehension, their wonderment at God’s world, and their sheer delight of learning bring her both joy and blessing. Beginning her career in the semiconductor industry, she knew even then the excitement of training other engineers.   With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the […]

Susan Joslyn

Susan Joslyn is a magna cum laude graduate of West Virginia University and mother of six children. She began homeschooling her children in 1987. She later went on to teach professionally beginning in 1999 when she took a position at the grammar level at New Covenant Schools of Bedford, a classical Christian school. There she was […]

Susie Trammell

Susie has recently moved back to the town of her alma mater, Auburn University, in Auburn, Alabama, where she received a B.S. in Education. She has been working with students her entire adult life through public, homeschool co-op, and private school classrooms as well as through youth ministry and Reformed University Fellowship. Her love for […]

Sylvia Chen

Sylvia Chen received her B.A. in Biochemistry in 1987 from Harvard College, completed her medical degree in 1991 from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, and finished her pediatric residency in 1994 from Baylor. Subsequently, she practiced as a pediatrician for a few years before she and her husband decided to homeschool their children.  She […]

Tammy Jones

Tammy Jones graduated from Biola University in California with a B.A. in Elementary Education. She taught for several years in Christian schools, and after moving to Arizona, came home to raise and homeschool her own children. During those happy busy years, she enjoyed homeschooling children from other families in a creative and multi-age “one-room schoolhouse” […]

Teri Everett

Teri Everett holds a BS in Biology Teacher Education from the University of Houston and has a combined 23 years of teaching biology, life science, physical science, and general science classes in public schools, private schools, classical Christian schools, and a homeschool coop in Texas, Maryland, and Washington. She has helped develop science fairs for […]

Tobin Duby

Tobin Duby lies awake thinking of ways to explain complex subjects to students.  He grew up working in his parents’ home business selling science supplies to homeschoolers and holds a Bachelor’s in Classical Liberal Arts from Patrick Henry College.  He’s thankful every day for the cognitive benefits of Classical education and wants to share them with others.  He […]

Todd Lowery

Todd Lowery lives in Athens, Ga where he is an associate pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. He has been married 31 years to Josie, and they have three grown children. Todd received a B.A. from Wheaton College, M.Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary and is presently finishing his Doctorate of Ministry from RTS Charlotte. He has […]

Tom Vierra

Dr. Tom Vierra is Director of Academics at Wilson Hill Academy and a teacher of Great Conversation, Rhetoric, and Logic courses.  He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Arizona State University and has taught in classical education for fourteen years, the past six entirely online.  In addition to having taught courses in classical literature, philosophy, […]

Wendy Seefried

Wendy’s enthusiasm for math began when her high school teacher explained that God reveals himself in the ordered and consistent world of math. She attended the University of Delaware where she met her husband of 25 years and graduated with a degree in Secondary Mathematics Education. With a desire to apply the mathematics she studied, […]