Dave believes that people too often write off math because they have heard the label “math person” and know that label doesn’t describe them. In fact, he didn’t believe he was a “math person” either until one of his high school teachers changed his perspective. That teacher helped him develop a love for math as Dave learned attentive reading comprehension skills and the joy of finding patterns and solving puzzles. When Dave teaches math class, he strives to pass along that same joy while equipping his students with the tools to solve problems, to uncover the beauty and order of God’s creation, and to see that they can indeed be “math persons.”

Dave lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife Maria, their son, Ary, and a border collie named Raine. For over a decade, Dave has worked in the world of classical Christian education. After receiving a Master of Arts in History from Baylor University, he taught for two years at Live Oak Classical School in Waco, Texas, where he was responsible for every subject from Singapore Math to Bible to literature. After moving to Austin, he worked at Regents School of Austin, where, over the course of eight years, he served as a teacher in 4th, 6th, 10th and 11th grades. God even led him to serve for two years as a head of school at a young classical Christian collaborative school, where he learned the art of co-teaching alongside parents. Currently he is the Director of Operations with CG Victory, a non-profit summer adventure camp for kids that his wife started in 2010. They spend the summers sharing the joy of Christ through day and overnight camps to over 2000 kids around Texas.

Courses taught by Dave Sikkema