Abigail has experienced both sides of the Wilson Hill Academy screen, first as a student and now as a teacher, and she knows firsthand that the online classroom is a powerful tool for learning languages. Abigail’s students learn to scrutinize their sentence translations, sing about personal pronouns and discover what pirates have to do with the passive voice. It is her hope that while her students study Latin, they will also learn more of Christ, the word made flesh and the author of language.

Although Abigail had studied Latin for several years, she did not fall in love with it (or languages in general) until she took her first online Latin class with Wilson Hill’s Joanna Hensley. Abigail was inspired to learn Spanish and Koine Greek as well, but Latin will always be her first love. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in liberal arts from New College Franklin and had the privilege of working with Joanna Hensley and the Wilson Hill Academy Latin department on a student teaching internship during the 2021–2022 school year.

After growing up in central Kentucky, Abigail moved just a few hours south to Middle Tennessee where she is a member at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church. In addition to languages, she enjoys reading, singing in choirs and performing and teaching ballet and other styles of dance. 


Courses taught by Abigail Hicks