Nurturing a Love of Beauty

27 Sep 2021

A common theme in Christian education circles is the pursuit of “Truth, Goodness and Beauty.”  And perhaps it is appropriate that we begin a discussion about education with the pursuit of “truth.”  But is that really where God starts with us?   We are reminded repeatedly in scripture (1 Chronicles 16:29, 2 Chronicles 20:21, Psalm 29:2, Psalm 96:9) that we should, “worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.”  Jesus also encourages us to come to

The Sound of Silence

24 Sep 2021

Have you ever created something beautiful, or performed an extraordinary feat...and no one noticed?  Whether it’s playing a beautiful song on the piano, or painting a beautiful landscape, or making an amazing and improbable shot on the basketball court, it is a natural reaction to want to be noticed.  And while that desire can become corrupt and turn into a toxic form of pride, the basic drive to create and to have others share our

Fun, Fun, Fundamentals of Research and Presentation!

21 Sep 2021

One of the most familiar elements of classical education is training in rhetoric, the art of persuasive speaking or writing. At Wilson Hill this training culminates in Senior Thesis—as the last step toward graduation, a senior writes and defends a thesis on a particular topic of interest. Though this project may sound intimidating, our curriculum is designed to begin preparing students before they even reach the School of Rhetoric to not only succeed in Senior

Worrying about final grades? Advice from three teachers

Advice for worrying about grades13 May 2021

Love them or hate them, grades are an important part of the learning experience.  Although an imperfect measurement, grades provide valuable information about comprehension, mastery and areas that need improvement.  But so often, a healthy desire for diligent learning becomes an unhealthy fixation on getting good grades. This can drive students to unhealthy levels of worry and a shift in how they understand the real purpose of education. Grade-focused learning becomes less about seeking to

Majoring on the majors: How we approach final exams at Wilson Hill

29 Apr 2021

Exam season is upon us, bringing with it much anticipation. Of course, the end of exams marks the beginning of summer, and it also represents a rewarding opportunity for students to see the fruit of their hard work.  Yet we know that exam season can also bring undue stress and dread. Students may feel overwhelmed by assignments and the never-ending need to study. Given our culture’s emphasis on test grades as a measure of one’s

Resurrection and Hope

Easter Hope1 Apr 2021

Easter is a cosmic event. Through the resurrection of Jesus, the entire cosmos has been made anew, exchanging corruptible with incorruptible. As it was in the beginning, light has broken into the darkness; the chaos has been transformed into harmony. And we who are united in Christ by faith are reborn—redeemed from our fallen nature and made alive in Him by the Spirit's power. Even death has no claim on us: we shall arise with

Five ways to help your teens develop healthy technology habits

Healthy tech habits for teens11 Mar 2021

With the growing reliance on remote work and technological devices for everything from attending church services to ordering groceries, it’s always good to reassess how your family, especially your teens, engage with technology. While technology provides opportunities for creativity and connection, it also comes with potential dangers. Here are five ideas to help your  teens develop tools and frameworks for deciding how they will engage in their increasingly digital world.   1. Make healthy technology habits a

Engaging With Science As a Christ-Follower

12 Jan 2021

When we started Wilson Hill Academy, one of our strongest desires was to provide science courses that are grounded in a biblical worldview and rigorous enough to prepare our students to excel in college-level science classes and beyond. 

Goal-Setting to Glorify God

31 Dec 2020

With the arrival of the holiday season and extended time to relax away from the books, winter break is an excellent time for students to shape their goals for the upcoming year.  We all know how life (especially for students) can often feel like running on a hamster wheel. The days seem to blaze by as we jump from one commitment to another. While we may accomplish many important tasks, it’s not always easy to