Life After WHA: Meet Our Alumni 

11 Jun 2024

What are students being trained to love—and to what end?  When we addressed that question (and the merits of a classical Christian education) in a previous blog post, we concluded that Wilson Hill students are trained to love what is beautiful, good and true—absolutes rooted in the triune God of Scripture. Above all, we want to raise up men and women who live fruitful lives in the service of the Kingdom of Christ. The unique

Combating Perfectionism in a Classical Christian Education

7 Apr 2024

Perfectionism is the natural outcome of an achievement-driven culture. When students are competing against their classmates to be accepted into top colleges, they must strive to develop the perfect resume. Who has the most—the most volunteer hours, the most unique extracurricular activities, the most expertly crafted personal essay—and, thus, who is the best?  Learning ceases to be the object, replaced by the drive for achievement. And the mark of perfection is a moving target, always

How to Discern if a Classical Christian Education is Right for Your Children

14 Mar 2024

Choosing an educational model is a weighty decision, and the ever-increasing options can become overwhelming. From brick-and-mortar schools and hybrid models to homeschooling, endless avenues promise to give your child the best education. However, not all educational models are equal, nor do they share the same goals or produce the same results. Despite the perceived incongruity of an ancient educational model thriving in the 21st century, the classical Christian model has experienced a resurgence in

The Enduring Value of Studying Latin and Greek

8 Feb 2024

Do you know the difference between an entomologist and an etymologist? Wilson Hill Latin and Greek students do, especially since they recently took the National Classical Etymology Exam. The National Classical Etymology Exam tests students on their ability to understand English vocabulary words based on their understanding of Latin and Greek. Students compete with other students across the country, and those who do well on this exam are awarded medals by the National Junior Classical

Is Virtue a Goal or a Byproduct of Your Classical Christian Curriculum?

12 Dec 2023

Virtue is a commonly touted aspiration of a classical education—for good reason. An education that forms virtuous students is desirable. What happens, though, when we make virtue the goal instead of a natural byproduct of the educational process? Overemphasizing virtue as a measurable outcome can become a dangerous path for classical Christian educators. If we only focus on producing outwardly moral students, we might miss a precious opportunity to impact future generations. More importantly, we

How to Retain the Integrity of a Classical Education in the Digital Age

29 Nov 2023

For many, the words “classical education” bring to mind medieval images: candlelit libraries with soaring ceilings enclosing shelves full of ancient (and dusty) leather-bound volumes; strange tales of ancient wars and mythical gods; deep philosophical treatises by Plato or Aristotle; or the ruins of antiquity in Athens and Rome. With the resurgence of classical Christian schools over the past 30 to 40 years, a new generation is learning to appreciate both the beauty and the

4 Strategies for Reclaiming Family Time in Your Homeschool Schedule

15 Nov 2023

Do your children spend all day working through their courses only to stay up late finishing schoolwork? Are too many weekends consumed with studying? And are family activities set aside to complete school projects? School at home promises more freedom and time together, but for many families, the boundaries between school work and family time become increasingly blurred. You can design and implement a thoughtful homeschool plan and still find yourself supervising schoolwork around the

Six Practical Strategies for Helping Students Become Better Readers

24 Oct 2023

Reading is a lifelong adventure in exploring new ideas, worlds and stories. Through reading, we can continue to converse with the great thinkers and writers of the past, allowing their ideas to form and shape us even today.  In a classical Christian education, books are a primary tool in helping students develop a biblical worldview and become critical thinkers and effective communicators. Students who foster a true delight in reading will enjoy a lifetime of

Why Learning How to Write Will Prepare Your Student to Think Well

14 Sep 2023

Years ago, when I first began teaching, my headmaster gave me some invaluable advice on teaching writing. Quoting the poet and philosopher Walter Kaufmann, he told me, “Writing is thinking in slow motion.” In other words, learning how to write is not something separate from learning how to think.  His words continue to inform my instruction today and aptly express what we emphasize across our curriculum at Wilson Hill: writing is essential for learning how

Yes, Senior Thesis is for You

1 Aug 2023

One of our most precious (and important) traditions at LINK is listening to Senior Thesis presentations. Each year, Wilson Hill recognizes two students with the Scott Baker Award for Excellence in Senior Thesis, and each year those students are invited to give their presentation to the entire LINK audience. We have never been disappointed. Noteworthy is that Senior Thesis students have presented speeches only to an online audience. And yet, every time – every time