Reepicheep Takes the Cake!

22 Apr 2019

  Did you know our Houses recently completed a cake baking contest? Yes, you read that correctly—a CAKE BAKING competition. How cool is that? Each house has a mascot (O’Connor: peacock; Lewis: mouse—Reepicheep; Austin: wolf; Augustine: horse), colors (O’Connor: purple & teal; Lewis: red & yellow; Austen: purple & yellow; Augustine: teal & red), a logo and shield. Why not bake cakes and decorate them with the house motifs? First, each house held a contest

Blueberry Bushes and Senior Thesis?

4 Apr 2019

Over spring break, our family planted a number of young blueberry bushes. Little did I know, we had our work cut out for us. For each plant, we had to dig a hole three-feet in diameter and one-foot deep, and mix peat moss and other amendments into the existing soil. The result is a large base of healthy soil for the young plant. Now, the thing to see is that this base is much larger

What’s in the Water?

2 Apr 2019

What's in the water? WHA students had a blast discovering answers to this question throughout Lowcountry Live 2019. They began their inquiry studies at Grice Marine Lab where biologists taught the students how to collect plankton samples from Charleston Harbor. Everyone examined multiple varieties of live plankton under the microscope while biologists answered the students’ questions about the incredibly busy organisms they were viewing. The following day, students explored a salt marsh with Jim Koenig,

WHA Student Audrey Berlie Selected as 2019 EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador

Congratulations to Audrey Berlie for being chosen as a 2019 EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador!  Audrey lives in Naples, Florida, and is especially interested in environmental science, including marine and animal life. Her favorite classes are AP Biology and Rhetoric. She is currently training to become a veterinary assistant and is a teen intern at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. As a Water Challenge Ambassador, Audrey will increase knowledge of local water resources throughout her community

99 Medals!

26 Mar 2019

Wilson Hill Academy Latin students earned 99 medals in the 2018-19 National Classical Etymology Exam, an online test sponsored by the National Junior Classical League. WHA secondary Latin students have participated in this annual exam since 2014, but this year yields a record-setting result, with 51% of participating students earning medals. “One of the reasons we study Latin is so that we can have a deep understanding of words,” Latin teacher Joanna Hensley explains. “Etymology

WHA Families Explore the Udvar-Hazy Museum in Virginia!

18 Mar 2019

Wilson Hill Academy families, the Finches (Olivia, 9th & Sophia, 7th), the Witkowskis (Jill, 9th & Jason, 5th) and the Marriotts (Jacqueline, 9th & Jenna, 7th) met at the Udvar-Hazy Museum in  Virginia last Saturday to explore the fascinating U.S. aviation and space exhibits. Our families love to

TGC 4 Students Fashion Shields for Achilles!

21 Jan 2019

Dr. Vierra asked his 10th grade TGC 4 students to play Hephaistos from Homer's Iliad and fashion for Achilles a new shield. Each student imagined this shield and captured it in a drawing. Wow - enjoy! In order to create his, Eli Herrington first modeled a shield, and then using the book and some ancient Greek resources as references, he engraved the 3D shield with drawings using a Wacom tablet. Next, to create the fiery effects,