TGC 4 Students Fashion Shields for Achilles!

21 Jan 2019

Dr. Vierra asked his 10th grade TGC 4 students to play Hephaistos from Homer's Iliad and fashion for Achilles a new shield. Each student imagined this shield and captured it in a drawing. Wow - enjoy! In order to create his, Eli Herrington first modeled a shield, and then using the book and some ancient Greek resources as references, he engraved the 3D shield with drawings using a Wacom tablet. Next, to create the fiery effects,

Dear God, Please Don’t Let Christmas Come.

7 Dec 2018

“Dear God, please don’t let Christmas come.” Have you ever been there? And, I don’t mean perhaps being a little overwhelmed with too much holiday preparation. I mean when the idea of celebrating anything is more than you can handle. For me it was 1987. For most of my life, I had looked forward to Christmas with the usual excitement and anticipation. Raised by parents who taught me from the Bible, I always thought I

Biology, Poetry and “Plucking the Season While it’s Ripe”

29 Nov 2018

Recently, Mrs. Owens' WHA Honors Biology students wrote short essays in the style of either Wendell Berry or Aldo Leopold. She had asked them to spend 20-30 minutes outdoors in a specific place of solitude and write about their thoughts and observations. Enjoy the following by Daniel Moreau and Helen Shearer. Enjoying the Moment in a Busy World The season is ripening. Autumn has come with remarkable colors; it is an apple that is almost ready

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus! WHA’s Junior Classical League Chapter Wins Award!

26 Nov 2018

We are so excited to announce that the WHA Junior Classical League chapter’s t-shirt won the National Junior Classical League Monthly Publicity Contest for Club Swag! Abigail Hicks and Peyton Louise Robuck created the design for the t-shirt based on JCL members’ ideas. The front of the t-shirt features the official JCL logo. The back quotes, “We came, we saw,” and then lists our JCL activities, which was Julia Moore’s idea of “We came, we

Etymological Spelunking

21 Nov 2018

Etymology is weird. Like diving into a cave, it goes deeper than your flashlight can reach, and as you uncover the twists and turns of the darkness, you never know what monstrous creatures are lurking in the shadows. Take the word “weird.” If you look it up in a dictionary, it will tell you it means something like “uncanny,” or “odd.” This word (yes it seems like a stretch) is actually related to the words