We are delighted to welcome our new College Advisor, Kati Butler, to WHA!

26 Sep 2018

I am so pleased to be joining Wilson Hill Academy in the role of College Advisor. It is my joy to work with families in navigating the college search and application process. I believe in faith that God has a plan (Jer. 29:11) for each of our children, and I consider it a privilege to walk alongside families in this process. I come to Wilson Hill with a background in education and counseling. I graduated

Welcome Tracie Upham

Join us in wishing a warm welcome to Tracie Upham, who will be teaching Rhetoric 1 & 2 for us this year.  She brings a wealth of teaching experience that includes coaching successful Mock Trial and Debate teams along with experience overseeing the Senior Thesis process.  You can read more

Welcome Joel Varano

We are pleased to welcome Joel Varano to our faculty beginning this fall.  Joel brings a wealth of classical Christian teaching experience and will be teaching Logic 1 and The Great Conversation 1 at WHA.  You can read more about him

Book Lists

All book lists are posted under the Academics tab.  To access the lists, choose the desired course(es) from the list of course offerings.  This will take you to the page containing the course description(s).  Under each course description(s), you will see the 2018-2019 booklist(s) highlighted in orange in a printable, PDF format.

Welcome Kaye Pepin

The mystery is revealed!  WHA is thrilled to welcome the newest member of our Math faculty, Kaye Pepin.  Kay will be teaching Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Geometry this fall.  (She may also act as a substitute in Russian classes.)  Read the rest of her bio

Summer School Options Available

We have several summer school options available at our main registration site now.  These include: Mrs. Etter's famous Study Skills class especially designed for students new to online learning (with a new optional quarterly refresher seminar), The latest in our popular "Get To Know" series, with Mr. Etter introducing Flannery O'Connor, along with a Grammar School level variant with Mrs. Jones exploring Laura Ingalls Wilder. A wonderful new offering from Mrs. Baker, Learn to Love

Welcome Samantha Lucas

We are excited to welcome Samantha Lucas to Wilson Hill Academy for the 2018-19 school year.  Education has always been a principal focus in Mrs. Lucas’ life because her mother was also a Spanish teacher. Through her extensive travel in Latin American and her studies in Spanish, English, and humanities, she has come to recognize that language, literature, and culture are the foundation of self-understanding and expression. She seeks to instill in her students a love

Welcome Nicki Chandler

Nicki Chandler’s inquisitive and analytical nature is what originally drew her to the study of science. She had an amazing and influential high school biology teacher who inspired her to major in Zoology in college. Searching for “truth” in the life sciences always brought Nicki to her knees in awe of God and His creative genius, love, and grace. Joining the Wilson Hill Academy family of teachers is truly a dream come true for Nicki.