Parenting With Endurance: Three Reminders

7 Aug 2020

The following is based on a devotional given by Mr. Roy Bradley during LINK 2020 For many of us, this summer looks quite different than summers of the past. Usually a time for traveling, family gatherings or relaxing around the pool, this summer has become a time for sitting inside, avoiding large social gatherings, and attending virtual hangouts. How can we create a spirit of joyful endurance during this season? How can we raise children

NASA’s Name the Rover Contest for Students, Grades K- 12!

Wilson Hill Academy Students! WHA science teacher, Mrs. Everett, is part of a NASA educator community, and NASA is currently holding a Name the Rover Contest for students in grades K- 12. She is encouraging all of her grammar science and life science students to enter the contest as it would be so exciting to have a WHA student name the 2020 Mars Rover! Go to NASA's Mars 2020 website, and watch the 45 second

Wilson Hill Academy 2019 Valedictory Address

Online Christian homeschooling student's graduation celebrated by family11 Jun 2019

It’s hard to believe that it was just four years ago when I first started at Wilson Hill. Was there really a time when I was just a freshman in high school beginning this whole “online school” thing? A time when I didn’t know the incredible teachers and students whom I’ve learned from these past four years? Even a time when I didn’t yet know how many times Adobe would kick me out at precisely

Reepicheep Takes the Cake!

CS Lewis themed cake. Lewis is a key figure in our classical Christian education curriculum.22 Apr 2019

  Did you know our Houses recently completed a cake baking contest? Yes, you read that correctly—a CAKE BAKING competition. How cool is that? Each house has a mascot (O’Connor: peacock; Lewis: mouse—Reepicheep; Austin: wolf; Augustine: horse), colors (O’Connor: purple & teal; Lewis: red & yellow; Austen: purple & yellow; Augustine: teal & red), a motto and shield. Why not bake cakes and decorate them with the house motifs? First, each house held a contest

WHA Student Audrey Berlie Selected as 2019 EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador

Congratulations to Audrey Berlie for being chosen as a 2019 EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador!  Audrey lives in Naples, Florida, and is especially interested in environmental science, including marine and animal life. Her favorite classes are AP Biology and Rhetoric. She is currently training to become a veterinary assistant and is a teen intern at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. As a Water Challenge Ambassador, Audrey will increase knowledge of local water resources throughout her community

TGC 4 Students Fashion Shields for Achilles!

Symbol surrounded by flames21 Jan 2019

Dr. Vierra asked his 10th grade TGC 4 students to play Hephaistos from Homer's Iliad and fashion for Achilles a new shield. Each student imagined this shield and captured it in a drawing. Wow - enjoy! In order to create his, Eli Herrington first modeled a shield, and then using the book and some ancient Greek resources as references, he engraved the 3D shield with drawings using a Wacom tablet. Next, to create the fiery effects,