WHA AP Biology Student, Ashley Lamb, Conducts Research in Life and Environmental Sciences

Ashley Lamb, who recently completed Marie Owens' AP Biology course, spent her summer like few other rising high school juniors to be sure! She was selected from among North Carolina's top students of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to conduct research in life and environmental sciences at North Carolina State University and Appalachian State University. These fully-funded programs allowed her to pursue a variety of field study, lab analysis, problem solving and technical writing coursework. Ashley completed original

WHA’s Cole Redalen Wins Men’s Intermediate B-Tier Disc Golf Event!

For those who know Cole Redalen, they know of his love for the game of disc golf! This weekend, Cole won his first Men’s Intermediate B-Tier Disc Golf event. Cole has been playing disc golf for four years now and has quickly risen to the top of the junior field in the state of Oregon.  This year he is moving up and taking on the men. In 2018 at 13 years old, he has placed

Lucretius Imitation Poem: The Nature of Things

Last year in Great Conversation 4 with Dr. Vierra, we were studying Lucretius’ poem "On The Nature of Things."  After we read and discussed it, we were assigned to write an 80 line poem in the style of Lucretius.  We had to write about a problem with which our world struggles, and compose in dactylic hexameter (a poetic rhythmic scheme). So for my topic, I chose to write about the love of money because we

Plato’s Cave Drawings

6 Mar 2018

Dr. Vierra asked his students in his Great Conversations 4 class to draw Plato's Cave based on the Allegory of the Cave in Plato's Republic.  See for yourself how assignments like these help bring learning to life! The WHA GC 4 teachers guide students in the fascinating analysis of classical literature and philosophy from a biblical worldview.