Gibbons v. Ogden

For my Foundations of US Government class, Mr. Donaldson asked us to create a presentation on a landmark Supreme Court case.  He assigned me the 1824 Gibbons vs. Ogden case.  I'd never even heard of this ruling before, but it was fascinating to learn what it was and how it impacts our lives today.  The case seemed insignificant in and of itself; two steamboat operators argued over who had the right to operate in some

It Wasn’t Really an Assignment . . .

Way back in TGC IV, we were studying a book (an epic, rather), which was quickly going to become one of my favourites: Homer's Iliad. The Iliad tells the story of the Greco-Persian War, starting with Paris (also known as Alexander) and Helen, a love story with which most people are familiar. It begins with the famous line: "Sing, Muses, of the wrath of Achilles," and the theme that opens the epic is part of

Heathens and Furies

Heathens and Furies (Read it aloud as fast as you can.)   Please, Clytemnestra, don't take his life! Does he really deserve to be killed by his wife? His daughter is dying, Kassandra is crying, Clytemnestra is holding a knife and she's lying, Kassandra is screaming, The children are dead, His family tree is spattered with red, The "gods," will they help her? Whom will they send? Orestes! A brother! A helper! A friend! The

WHA’s Next Warren Buffett?

26 Jan 2018

Kudos to Daniel Scrugham, who has recently launched his very own podcast, Early Investing: Secure Your Financial Future by Saving and Investing Money in Stocks and Cryptocurrencies From a Young Age. Check out his inaugural episode in which Daniel conducts Part 1 of his interview with David Kretzmann, an investment analyst for the Motley Fool. Like Daniel, David has invested in stocks since he was 12 years old. Learn how he started investing, chose his first stocks, made mistakes along


26 Jan 2018

Watercolor of Cloelia from Livy's Early History of Rome Competition entry from Mr. Etter's The Great Conversation 1+ 4

Router Battery Saves the Day!

26 Jan 2018

Today our power went out, and I remembered what we had learned about batteries in Mrs. Jester’s class. So, after hooking 8 AA batteries together, I used a 5V battery adapter that I found in my electronics kit, and I was able to power our router. I thought it was pretty cool to be able to apply what I learned in class to a real-life situation! Thanks, Mrs.

The Price of Freedom, a short film

Cassidy Nelson created The Price of Freedom for her spring project in Mr. Donaldson's class, A Closer Look: War for Independence. The story follows a young American soldier during the time of the American War for Independence. The instructions were to creatively tell the story of the struggle for independence in America.  Throughout the year, students had read several soldiers' diaries and letters, first hand accounts of what they had witnessed on the battlefields. Cassidy decided she

My Story

I have been blessed from the get-go with loving parents and siblings. My siblings and I are homeschooled and live in the middle of the corn fields in central Illinois. I have a story but not just one story. I believe that life is really a book, with different chapters. Just as a book has lows, it also has its highs. In 2013, like any other Sunday (except that my sister and mom had stayed home