Online Classical Christian Education

Equip your college-bound student with a rich, biblically grounded education—online

Through LIVE online classrooms, we partner with parents to equip 4th–12th grade students to achieve academic excellence and to live purposefully for the Kingdom of Christ both now and in the future.

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Investing in your students now for who they will become in the future

Be part of a like-minded community that supports your family values

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Our Mission

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Student Life

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Learn anywhere and everywhere

Your live interactive classroom is wherever you have internet. Connect your student with master-level teachers delivering a highly engaging education grounded in time-tested principles.


Build lasting friendships around the world

Through opportunities to connect socially—like extracurricular clubs, field trips, and our end-of-year gathering—distance makes no difference when it comes to building lifelong friendships.

Teach them how to think, not just what to think

Both in and out of the classroom, we aim to encourage your student to think critically, solve problems, and articulate thoughts and ideas.


Receive a globally-recognized accredited education

Wilson Hill is fully accredited by SACS CASI, a division of COGNIA, which validates your student’s hard work in the eyes of universities worldwide.

Gain an educational partner you can trust

Learn how your students can receive an accredited, classical Christian education that fosters their love for learning and prepares them for success.

Grammar School

Grades 4-6

In grades 4 through 6, students focus on learning essential tools to establish a strong, rich foundation for the rest of their education.

School of Logic


Grades 7 and 8 equip students with tools to become logical, sound thinkers.

School of Rhetoric

Grades 9-12

In grades 9 through 12, students combine their grammar and logic skills to become skilled, persuasive speakers.

Choose from two distinct learning paths.

Diploma Program

Learn how our proven graduation track can position your students for higher education and helps them distinguish themselves in the admissions process.

A La Carte Classes

Enhance your current academic program by tailoring your course load to meet your specific needs.

Your Guide to Wilson Hill Academy

See how your child’s education and your family life could be transformed.

Download this free resource to discover the lifelong benefits of a robust, biblically-anchored curriculum that prepares your child for success.


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