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New family registration for the 2022-23 school year will begin March 1, 2022.

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Tuition & Fees

Tuition varies by class and covers the full year

 All classes are presented live and, except where noted, meet for two ninety-minute classes per week for the entire school year. They range in price from $650-800 per class. Find specific prices in our registration system.

Payment Plans Available

Choices to fit your family’s budget

Choose the payment option that works best for your family. Pay in full upon registering or select a deferred plan available with a 30% initial deposit.

See our current Terms and Conditions for details.

A Note on Waitlists

If your first choice for a class is full, we encourage you to sign up for both a waitlist and a backup section. We can often accommodate wait-listed students. To learn more about how our waitlists work, please read below in the FAQ section.

Registration FAQ’s

Can I register a la carte and not enroll in a full course load?

Yes, you are welcome to tailor your enrollments to your specific needs. 

What is a full course load?

A full load for a grammar student may be different than that for a high school student, who may take 5 or even 6 courses. For high school, it is important to decide if you are pursuing graduation on your own or through Wilson Hill Academy. Use our recommended course of study guide* to help you plan your student’s course load.

*Please use the left side bar navigation on this page to see Logic and Rhetoric Schools Recommended Courses of Study.

How do I know which course is right for my student?

To determine class placement, start with the recommended course of study*, and then read the corresponding course description and book list to determine if this is the best next step for your student. For specific course placement questions, please contact your grade level counselor.

Email Julie, Grades 5-7

Email Josie, Grades 8-10 

Email Kati, Grades 11-12

*Please use the left side bar navigation on this page to see Logic and Rhetoric Schools Recommended Courses of Study.

How do live online classes work?

Students attend live classes twice a week for ninety minutes via Zoom. A link to view sample courses will be available soon via our Virtual Tour. Click here for more information on recommended courses of study. 

Can my student receive a diploma from Wilson Hill Academy?

Yes, a student who meets our graduation requirements will receive a fully accredited Wilson Hill Academy diploma. You can find more information about our graduation requirements here

Do you require my child to complete placement testing?

Wilson Hill Academy does not require placement testing for most classes. As a parent, you are responsible for choosing the appropriate level based on your student's age, prior work and abilities.  We do provide a proficiency test for Latin 2 that can be used either to satisfy the Latin graduation requirement or for placement in our Latin sequence.  The cost of that test is credited toward either Latin 2 or Latin 3 tuition if the student subsequently registers. 

What is the first and last day of the next school year?

Classes begin on Wednesday following Labor Day and end the week before Memorial Day. 

Are these semester or year-long courses?

Other than summer classes, all Wilson Hill Academy courses meet for the entire school year.  No academic credit will be awarded for fall semester as a stand-alone course.  Subject to approval of the Registrar, students with appropriate preparation may join a class for the spring semester and receive full credit upon successful completion (which may, in some cases, require some amount of make-up work).  There is no tuition discount for late registration

Do you charge an annual registration fee?

No, we charge a one-time Student Records Fee of $250 for all rising 8th graders and for new students in grades 9–12. You can pay this fee upon registration or have it included in your deferred payment plan.

When will my first payment be due?

The first payment is due upon registration.  You may pay in full, or pay a 30% deposit and have the balance invoiced through our deferred payment system.  See our Terms & Conditions for details. You may pay in full, or in equal monthly payments.

Note that for registrations in May or later, the first payment on the deferred payment plan will be due in the month following registration.  For registrations in August or later, the deferred payment plan may not be available.  Students with delinquent payment accounts may be suspended from class.

How many courses must my high school student take at Wilson Hill in order to graduate?

Course requirements for graduation depend on the year a student first enrolls. Please check requirements here.

How do full-time students earn their Fine Arts and PE credits?

Students may submit outside Fine Arts and PE activities for graduation credit by documenting their contact hours. 

Can full-time students transfer credits to Wilson Hill Academy from another school?

A student who transfers to Wilson Hill in grade 10 or above or who takes courses outside of Wilson Hill Academy in grades 9-12 must submit documentation to include an official transcript for all coursework for which he/she would like to receive credit toward graduation from Wilson Hill Academy. Acceptance of transfer courses for credit will be subject to a transfer course review process by the Wilson Hill Academy Registrar.

Is Wilson Hill Academy accredited?

Wilson Hill Academy is fully accredited by SACS CASI, a division of COGNIA, which validates your student’s hard work in the eyes of universities worldwide. Please view accreditation details here

In what courses does Wilson Hill Academy offer honors and AP levels?

Wilson Hill Academy offers AP courses listed here.

What summer courses do you recommend to help prepare a student new to classical education?

Wilson Hill Academy offers a variety of self-paced and live courses in the summer. In general, however, we encourage students to take a break from regular coursework in the summer and pursue a reading program or other academic interest of their own choosing.

How does your waitlist process work?

We always recommend you sign up your student for a backup section as well as a waitlist for a full course. Only one tuition charge will be incurred, and both of your deposits will be credited toward that charge.  This is the best way to ensure that your student gets to take the course. Note that several factors are taken into consideration when evaluating waitlist openings. Preference is given to full-time students, overseas students, and students pursuing graduation. 

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