Open Registration – February 8

Registration opens for new students on February 8 at 10:00AM Eastern.  You must log in using your "Parent Account" before selecting courses. If you have not yet set up a Parent Account, you can create an account here. The full class schedule (subject to change) is available for download here. (If you have downloaded it previously, please ensure that you have version "V1.1" dated February,

Welcome Dr. Lombardo

Dr. Stanley Lombardo, Professor Emeritus of Classics at the University of Kansas, is one of the world’s leading scholars and translators of classical epic poetry. His translation of the Odyssey was a New York Times Book of the Year in 2000. He is also well known for his dramatic readings of such poems as the Iliad and the Divine Comedy, which he has performed at various venues throughout the country. We are thrilled to announce

Not on My Watch

Doubt is often the domain of mothers. Mothers who school their children at home seem particularly plagued because they make decision in two realms: in the home and in the school. Even the graduation of a child from homeschooling and into the next stage of life does not release mothers from the nagging thought that perhaps she should have done something (or even everything) differently. Second-guessing curriculum or providers or even the decision to homeschool

Wait and Go on the 30

8 Jul 2016

Have you ever wanted to pull your car to the side of the road, get out, sit on the curb and have a good cry? You’ve been juggling end-of-school schedules, kids, the expectations of others, such that it seems like your world is spinning out of control.  And now that the school year is over, summer activities threaten to be just as overwhelming.  Is there a solution? Perhaps a principle from a different context will

Chickens in Church

9 Jun 2016

The following is an open letter from Scott Baker, WHA Rhetoric Instructor, to his students in the Rhetoric 2/Senior Thesis class this year. Dear Seniors: Congratulations on a great year completing the Senior Thesis process!  Now that you have survived the Defense and have completed your Final Draft, it’s time to celebrate.  Everyone in the WHA community is suitably proud of your achievement, especially since writing and defending a thesis is such a rare accomplishment

Need a Jumpstart this Summer?

A number of years ago, when I taught in a brick-and-mortar classical and Christian school, I had student whom I will call “Sam.”  Sam would not be described by anyone with superlative adjectives like “brilliant” or “genius”. However, he was a hard-working, conscientious student who was highly respected by all his teachers. In his sophomore year of high school, he started to really struggle academically.  Why?   He was very active in sports and other extra-curricular

Your State – A Student & Parent Review

From a Parent: Kim Willems My son Jackson and I enjoyed the "Your State" class so much! We spent time visiting as many places as we could. The class was organized in such a way that we were able to explore every aspect of Montana history. My own love for the state and interest in its history was reignited as we studied and traveled around Montana. We turned every weekend basketball trip into an opportunity

Teacher Spotlight – Starlet Baker

What excites you most about being part of the WHA faculty? The teachers at Wilson Hill are 100% committed to their students and genuinely care about teaching. Being around such dedication sharpens my own commitment and challenges me to keep improving. When did your love of literature first begin? I honestly can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love words. I used to love hearing my maternal grandmother read to me and

Student Spotlight – Caroline Thompson

What grade are you in? What city and state do you live in? I am in 11th grade and I live in Brownsburg, Indiana. What do you love most about being a student at Wilson Hill? I love the thought provoking questions and how all of the students are constantly challenged to think more deeply about their own role in Christ’s church and the world. All the material we cover and lessons we learn in