As a homeschooling parent, this final stretch can feel like a grind. As you assess the lessons remaining in each textbook and consider the date you had hoped to finish them, you may feel anxious or discouraged. Perhaps delving into that exciting history project meant that you didn’t cover as much math as you had hoped. Or you enjoyed such enthusiastic conversations around a novel that you extended the time, and now you are a book behind. 

We’ve been teaching for a long time. We know how it can go. And here’s our advice… 

Take a deep breath… and shut the book.

When it comes to covering content, it is often true that ‘less is more’; more depth of thought discussing that novel, or a more thorough understanding of history from that great project. Give yourself credit for having helped your child experience the joys of learning and acquire skills for lifelong learning.

Instead of prolonging your school year to make it to the final page, plan a time to celebrate all you have achieved together. Consider collecting all of the year’s academic accomplishments to display (books read, essays written, tests taken, art created, projects constructed.)  Maybe you can showcase each subject in a different room of your house. Turn the dining room into an art gallery or the living room into a literature library. And then… walk the family through all you have learned this year. Ask your children what their favorite lessons were and why. Help them remember how they mastered challenging concepts. Brag on them a bit—and pat yourself on the back while you’re at it. 

Remember, we’re always here if you need us. Wilson Hill Academy offers LIVE accredited classes covering a broad range of subjects for grades 4–12. If you want to lighten your load next year, you can rest easy knowing Wilson Hill’s master teachers have you covered. Find flexible options available to meet your family’s needs.

Just as a works-based view of salvation can kill the joy of the gospel of grace, an inordinate focus on the volume of material covered can kill the joy of learning itself. Turn this season into a time to reflect on “Well done!” Then, go and pack the pool bag—because summer is waiting!