Kaye Pepin brings a wealth of life experience to WHA as well as many years of online teaching experience in both math and the humanities. First as a military brat and then as a spouse of an American soldier, Kaye has spent her life traveling the globe. Her primary professional passions have been reading, writing, and arithmetic, and she has an insatiable love of learning. She currently lives in Cookeville, Tennessee, with her family and their three dogs, Caesar, Brutus, and Cleo(patra).

Kaye graduated from Harding University with a Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics, and has a Master’s Degree in English from Tennessee Technological University. She has been teaching off and on since 1982 in both private Christian schools and in the public school system. She also served in the United States Army as a Russian linguist and homeschooled her sons (now grown). She is an active member of Collegeside Church of Christ in Cookeville and is involved in several of their ministries. She spends most of her free time writing, reading, and taking weekend trips to places off the beaten path. Occasionally her adventures allow her to meet up with mathematicians from ages past who agree to make guest appearances in her classroom to discuss a particularly riveting theorem or two. Kaye serves Wilson Hill as a teacher and as an Academic Assistant on our Academics leadership team.

Courses taught by Kaye Pepin