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Dynamic, engaging instruction defines Geometry at WHA. This course provides students with the needed tools to engage analytically with their everyday surroundings as they develop spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. Real-life applications are used to illustrate geometric concepts in the orderliness of Creation that will inspire love and wonder for this branch of mathematics.  The introduction and development of principles of logical reasoning in our Geometry course will serve the student well beyond geometry or even mathematics.

Our proof-based course at WHA covers the required postsecondary concepts of Euclidean geometry including definitions, postulates, and theorems. Areas of study include angles, parallel lines, congruent and similar triangles, polygons, circles and arcs, and area and volume. Special topics covered include coordinate geometry, introductory trigonometry, and constructions.
Geometry course instruction offered at WHA presumes and integrates a student’s mastery of Algebra I concepts and skills as they are employed throughout the course.

Prerequisites:  Algebra 1

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