Language Arts

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4: Fundamentals of Expository Writing

Writing instruction at WHA begins with Language Arts in the Grammar School and continues through the School of Logic and School of Rhetoric years, culminating in Rhetoric 2: Senior Thesis.  The primary goal of our writing process is to teach students how to write coherent, logical, and elegant essays.  To accomplish this, students need a […]

Section: Composition, Literature   |   School: Grammar School, School of Logic

The Story of History

19th Century America, 19th Century Europe, 20th Century

These are the first of several courses being developed for upper Grammar School and School of Logic students.  Together they cover the flow of history from Bible times through the 20th century, providing students with a backdrop against which they can better engage in The Great Conversation.  Students will get to know the heroes, villains […]

Section: History   |   School: Grammar School, School of Logic


Fundamentals of Latin, Latin 1, Latin 2, Latin 3, Latin Readings, AP Latin, Advanced Latin - Directed Study

WHA offers a full range of Latin courses, from 4th grade through AP® Latin. Students have routinely scored well on both the AP Latin exam and other National Latin exams. Fundamentals of Latin Fundamentals of Latin is a springboard class which introduces School of Logic students with little or no Latin background to the basics […]

Fundamentals of Research & Presentation

Fundamentals of Research & Presentation introduces students to logic level research and presentation skills as they learn about their own state (or province or country) history. Using the history of the student’s home area as the research content, students will learn vital research skills which will be needed across a multitude of disciplines in their […]

Section: Composition, History, Humanities   |   School: School of Logic

Life Science

Who was the first person to introduce the classification of living things? In this course we will answer this question and many more as we study cells and tissues, genetics, classification of all living things, ecology, and the systems of the human body. Students will be guided into evaluating each of the assumptions that are […]

Section: Sciences   |   School: School of Logic


Math 7, Pre-Algebra

WHA offers two “pre-algebra” options for students in the School of Logic.  More advanced students may choose to take Pre-Algebra in 7th grade before enrolling in Algebra 1 in 8th grade.  Other students may prefer to begin with Math 7, a continuation of the WHA Singapore Math series, before moving on to Pre-Algebra in 8th […]

Section: Math   |   School: School of Logic

Fundamentals of Western Civilization

Students sometimes struggle with understanding the historical timeline and the cause and effect of events within that timeline. Using both narrative histories and appropriate historical fiction, this class will take the students through an overview of Western Civilization, helping them to understand and see God’s hand in History since creation. The class will dive into […]

Section: History, Humanities   |   School: Grammar School, School of Logic

Don’t Miss These Books!

Grammar Level, SOL Level 1, SOL Level 2

Perhaps nothing engages the heart and mind simultaneously like a really good book, and there are just some books in life that should not be missed! Don’t Miss These Books! presents a selection of excellent titles for grammar and middle school students to both enjoy and study. This sequence is created for students who are […]

Section: Literature   |   School: Grammar School, School of Logic

Earth Science

Learn more about the place we call home. Our survey of Earth Science promises to be an exciting ride through space, beginning with our solar system. We will study the stars and planets, including a unit on rocketry. Next, we set our sights on the atmosphere surrounding planet Earth. We will study the composition and […]

Section: Sciences   |   School: School of Logic

World Geography

Have you ever stopped to think about how the geography of a region shapes its economy, government, and sometimes even the religion? This class will take the students through the continents while learning about the culture, land forms, climates, resources, etc. The students will have the opportunity to make presentations, complete creative projects, and much […]

Section: History   |   School: School of Logic

The Great Conversation

The Great Conversation 1 - 6

This series of integrated humanities classes prepares students to enter into the “Great Conversation” that has shaped the thinking and culture of western civilization by exploring the great works that make up that conversation. In order to cover the rich complexities of the material sufficiently in two 90 minute class periods per week, we will […]

Algebra 1 & 2

Algebra 1, Algebra 2

Algebra 1 This course provides the foundation for secondary mathematics study. Topics covered include algebraic expressions including polynomials and rational expressions, solving linear and quadratic equations, inequalities and systems of equations, and radicals and exponents. Emphasis is placed on problem solving and graphing. Prerequisites:  Pre-Algebra is recommended; this course may not be developmentally appropriate for […]

Section: Math   |   School: School of Logic, School of Rhetoric


Spanish 1 - 4

Wilson Hill Academy seeks to teach modern foreign languages using the classical trivium approach; laying a solid grammar foundation, then building on that through the logic and rhetoric stages.  Each class also contains elements of culture, history and geography of the Spanish-speaking world to help bring the language alive. Spanish 1 This is an introductory […]

Section: Languages   |   School: School of Logic, School of Rhetoric