This section includes courses for students in grades 7 and 8.

World Geography and History

The story of history is the story of God’s providence. This course weaves together the flow of history in three dimensions: time, space and story. Using a timeline that starts […]

Section: History   |   School: School of Logic

Math 7

Students in Math 7 enjoy the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas they have newly discovered about math, including alternative strategies for solving math problems. They become independent, thoughtful problem […]

Section: Math   |   School: Grammar School, School of Logic


Establishing solid mathematical study skills and iron clad problem-solving strategies is the mark of our Pre-Algebra course at Wilson Hill. This course offers instruction that provides a strong foundation for […]

Section: Math   |   School: School of Logic

Algebra 1

Students most truly observe and appreciate the wonder of mathematics when they learn to transfer their concrete mathematical knowledge to abstract algebraic generalizations. A primary goal in Algebra I at […]

Section: Math   |   School: School of Logic, School of Rhetoric

Introduction to Biology

Using a mastery-based approach for study and problem-solving skills, students in this course will be introduced to and explore topics from biology to foster a sense of wonder, and a […]

Section: Sciences   |   School: School of Logic

Language Arts Level 4 (FOEW)

Language Arts 4 emphasizes both literature and composition by focusing on the first three canons of classical rhetoric: invention, arrangement and elocution. The thoughtful discussions about literary works help students […]

Section: Composition, Literature   |   School: School of Logic

Latin 1

Latin is alive and lively in Latin 1! Students explore how an inflected language works while developing translation skills and exploring Roman culture. The ancient Romans and their practices come […]

Section: Languages   |   School: School of Logic, School of Rhetoric

Latin 2

Building upon the foundation of Latin 1, students in Latin 2 review the basics of Latin grammar and proceed to more complex grammatical constructions. Students refine their translation skills by […]

Section: Languages   |   School: School of Logic, School of Rhetoric

Spanish 1

Spanish 1 students focus on mastering the grammar and vocabulary necessary to establish a firm foundation on which to build. They explore the history, geography and culture of the Spanish-speaking […]

Section: Languages   |   School: School of Logic, School of Rhetoric

Spanish 2

In this intermediate Spanish course, students build on the grammar foundation established in Spanish 1. They focus on the logical and analytical aspects of effective communication and proper use of […]

Section: Languages   |   School: School of Logic, School of Rhetoric