Language Arts

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4: Fundamentals of Expository Writing

Writing instruction at WHA begins with Language Arts in the Grammar School and continues through the School of Logic and School of Rhetoric years, culminating in Rhetoric 2: Senior Thesis.  The primary goal of our writing process is to teach students how to write coherent, logical, and elegant essays.  To accomplish this, students need a […]

Section: Composition, Literature   |   School: Grammar School, School of Logic

Fundamentals of Research & Presentation

Fundamentals of Research & Presentation introduces students to logic level research and presentation skills as they use the history of their own home area (state, province, or country) as the research content. Students will hone both their written and oral presentation skills and gain experience with computerized presentation tools as they develop clear, attractive, and […]

Section: Composition, History, Humanities   |   School: School of Logic

Fundamentals of Academic Writing

Fundamentals of Academic Writing focuses on formal academic writing for high school students new to Wilson Hill composition or LA4 students needing more confidence and practice. Students practice the trajectory of the writing process from prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing to final submission by mastering the skills of the first three canons of rhetoric: invention, […]

Section: Composition   |   School: School of Rhetoric


Logic 1, Logic 2 Readiness (Summer), Logic 2

At Wilson Hill Academy we have found that students benefit from postponing their Logic instruction until 9th grade. Logic 1 is open to 8th graders, however, and will count toward the Logic graduation requirement if taken in 8th grade, though no credit toward the minimum number of course credits will be awarded. Logic 1 Are […]

Section: Composition   |   School: School of Rhetoric

Advanced Composition

Advanced Composition 1, Advanced Composition 2

Advanced Composition 1 Advanced Composition 1 provides robust and personal writing instruction for high school students. They will refine composition skills through imitative writing and essay construction. Students practice emulating the voice of consummate authors by closely examining tone, diction, and syntax. This course reinforces prior grammar instruction through the analysis of complex sentence structures. […]

Section: Composition   |   School: School of Rhetoric


Rhetoric 1, Rhetoric Refresher (Summer), Rhetoric 2/Senior Thesis

Both Rhetoric courses carry the honors designation. Rhetoric 1 Rhetoric I introduces students to the concepts and practical principles of the ancient art of rhetoric, the third part of the classical Trivium. Drawn largely from Aristotle’s Rhetoric and Quintilian’s Institutio Oratoria, the course trains students in using and applying the classical rhetorical canons to a variety of spoken […]

Section: Composition   |   School: School of Rhetoric