Language Arts 3 consists of engaging literature, comprehensive grammar, and essential composition skills, each part reinforcing the others. The course is designed to prepare students for upper-level coursework.

LA3 students will read short stories, novels, and poetry, exploring fundamental literary elements in the process. By digging into these works, students will learn how to understand and evaluate what they read with more maturity and insight. They may even gain insight into themselves and the world around them!

The literature selections will also provide the basis for writing assignments. Students will review and practice the elements of quality sentences modeled from the literature. From there, students progress to a variety of paragraphs and learn to gather and analyze textual evidence in order to create strong support of a topic sentence. With that solid foundation in place, students learn to construct effective literary essays. Students will write frequently in a variety of modes.

A third part of this course will be a comprehensive study of the logic of grammar through the traditional practice of parsing and diagramming sentences. When learning a grammatical concept, students will also observe the examples of the concept in the literature selections and then will write sentences modeled after that grammatical syntax. Students will also apply grammar knowledge when editing their writing. Through these intertwined practices, LA3 students will gain a practical understanding of English language arts so that they can read complex works with understanding and write well-reasoned essays with clarity and correctness.

This course is appropriate for students in Grade 7 or 8, depending on previous coursework and understanding of basic grammar concepts. Students should have a solid understanding of the eight parts of speech and be able to identify them in a sentence. They should also be able to identify noun jobs in a sentence, and their writing should be free of fragments.

2022-2023 Language Arts Level 3 Book List