Get to Know Flannery O’Connor (Summer)

In her brief life, Flannery O’Connor wrote two novels and more than 30 short stories that continue to shock and confound readers. O’Connor was a serious theologian and a remarkably gifted writer. Her stories provide perspectives on Christ and the gospel designed to wake up a post-war generation that was giving up hope in objective […]

Section: Literature, Summer   |   School: School of Rhetoric

Chemistry Readiness (Summer)

This self-paced course is designed to meet the needs of students who are registered for WHA Chemistry or WHA Honors (Pre-AP) Chemistry but have not taken the prerequisite WHA Physics or Honors Physics course. In this course, students will work through progressive modules designed to introduce specific topics from the Physics course that will be […]

Section: Sciences, Summer   |   School: School of Rhetoric

Get to Know Wendell Berry (Summer)

Who deserves the honor of being America’s foremost cultural commentator and critic? A politician? A journalist? A professor at an Ivy League school? How about a farmer? Wendell Berry (1934-present) is, first and foremost, a farmer who calls Kentucky home. But he’s not just any farmer. As a young man, Mr. Berry abandoned a promising […]

Section: Literature, Summer   |   School: School of Rhetoric

Study Skills (Summer)

Do you dread studying? Or do you find yourself disappointed in your test performance even after spending hours studying? Maybe there is a better way. This week-long class will cover basic study skills, including ideas on how to remember things better and longer. It will also help you get more out of the online classroom […]

Section: Summer

Summer Math Readiness/Refresher Courses

Math 6 Readiness, Algebra Refresher, Pre-Calculus Readiness

Algebra Refresher This is a summer Algebra 1 refresher course intended for students who need to improve or refresh their Algebra 1 skills before entering Geometry or Algebra 2 in the fall. The course will generally follow the concepts taught in Algebra 1, but will involve material developed by the teacher for this specific application. […]

Section: Math, Summer

Summer Coding Camps

Basic Web Development, Javascript Game Development

Wilson Hill Academy is pleased to offer a variety of Summer Coding Camps for technically-oriented students interested in software development. Basic Web Development Students will learn the basic concepts of web development and build their own interactive website from scratch, Students will be exposed to a wide variety of technologies including HTML, CSS, and Python. […]

Section: Sciences, Summer