Section: Sciences, Summer   |   School: School of Rhetoric

This class is recommended for students who would like to take Wilson Hill’s chemistry classes this year who have not previously enrolled in Physics 1 or Honors Physics 1 (ASPC).

Students enrolling in Chemistry will participate in the first 2 weeks of this summer prep class (Chemistry Readiness). The topics covered include math topics required for success in chemistry: unit conversions using dimensional analysis, SI Units, and metric prefixes, scientific notation, and significant digits. In the 2nd week, we will also go over lab report writing basics using The Student Lab Report Handbook. Students will complete an experiment (density) and write a lab report to practice the skills learned.

Students enrolling in Honors Chemistry (Pre-AP) will participate in all three weeks of the class (Pre-AP Chemistry Readiness). In addition to the topics listed above, the class will conclude with the chemistry-related topics that are taught in Honors Physics 1 (ASPC). These topics will not be re-taught in Honors Chemistry! Topics include: Atomic Theory Prior to Neils Bohr, Types of Substances, Physical and Chemical Properties, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, and Potential & Kinetic Energy.

Textbook & Materials:  Novare Chemistry Supplement (ISBN: 978-0-9904397-0-7), American Educational Equal Mass Set, a 250ML graduated cylinder, a scientific calculator, and a graph paper notebook (such as a Mead composition book style).