Section: Schools, Sciences   |   School: School of Rhetoric

In this accelerated first-year chemistry course, students who have demonstrated an aptitude and enthusiasm for studying science examine the properties of, and interactions between, different types of matter. Throughout the course, students gain hands-on laboratory experience by performing experiments designed to be successfully accomplished at home.

Topics include: fundamental concepts concerning atoms, elements and compounds; trends within the periodic table and how the atomic structure of elements affects their physical, chemical and bonding properties; chemical reactions and equations; gas laws, acids and bases, thermodynamics, kinetics, equilibrium and electrochemistry, as well as a brief survey of nuclear chemistry

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Algebra 1 required; along with either Honors Physics 1, or both basic Physics 1 and the Wilson Hill Chemistry Readiness (Self-paced) course required.

Suggested Grade Level: 10–12

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