Section: Schools, Sciences   |   School: School of Rhetoric

This is a rigorous physical science course intended for accelerated ninth grade students who have already completed Algebra I and are motivated toward honors-level study in science and mathematics. The course integrates history, mathematics and technical communication skills. Through successful completion of this course, a student will be able to develop a mastery of the basic tools of physics and introductory concepts in chemistry, including fundamental concepts and applications, computational skills and analytical skills.

The concepts taught here serve an an excellent foundation for concepts taught in the disciplines of chemistry and biology. This course is sufficent preparation for college level studies in the area of introductory physics.

Topics include: Newton’s laws of motion, energy, heat, temperature, waves, electricity, DC circuits, magnetism, physical and chemical properties, models of the atom, chemical bonding, and chemical reactions. Hands-on lab experiences performed at home as well as computer simulations are used to reinforce the concepts in the course.

Prerequisites: Algebra 1

Suggested Grade Level: 9–12

2023-2024 Physics 1 (Honors) Book & Materials List