Grammar of Science

Course 1, Course 2, Course 3

At Wilson Hill Academy we believe that teaching science in the grammar stage should equip students to begin thinking about God’s creation both “Christianly” and “scientifically”. This means reinforcing the child’s natural wonder for the world God created and helping each child see God’s glory as revealed in His creation. For since the creation of […]

Section: Sciences   |   School: Grammar School

Life Science

Who was the first person to introduce the classification of living things? In this course we will answer this question and many more as we study cells and tissues, genetics, classification of all living things, ecology, and the systems of the human body. Students will be guided into evaluating each of the assumptions that are […]

Section: Sciences   |   School: School of Logic

Earth Science

Learn more about the place we call home. Our survey of Earth Science promises to be an exciting ride through space, beginning with our solar system. We will study the stars and planets, including a unit on rocketry. Next, we set our sights on the atmosphere surrounding planet Earth. We will study the composition and […]

Section: Sciences   |   School: School of Logic


Physics 1, Physics 1 (Honors), Physics 2 (Honors)

Wilson Hill Academy has adopted a “Physics First” progression for science classes in the School of Rhetoric.  This is a growing trend in college preparatory programs, since it allows students to build on a solid mathematical and physical science foundation in order to better understand chemistry, which in turn allows them to study biology in […]

Section: Sciences   |   School: School of Rhetoric

Chemistry Readiness (Summer)

This class is recommended for students who would like to take Wilson Hill’s chemistry classes this year who have not previously enrolled in Physics 1 or Honors Physics 1 (ASPC). Students enrolling in Chemistry will participate in the first 2 weeks of this summer prep class (Chemistry Readiness). The topics covered include math topics required […]

Section: Sciences, Summer   |   School: School of Rhetoric


Chemistry, Chemistry (Pre-AP/Honors), AP Chemistry

Chemistry This is a complete first-year high school chemistry course. It will provide students with an understanding of the properties of, and interactions between, different types of matter. Students will understand fundamental concepts concerning atoms, elements, and compounds. They will also comprehend the trends within the periodic table and how the atomic structure of elements […]

Section: AP Courses, Sciences   |   School: School of Rhetoric


Biology, Honors Biology, Marine Biology, AP Biology

Biology This is an introductory course in biology. Taught from a Christian worldview using classical methodology, students will study the nature of life, including the chemical basis of living cells. We will study cell structure, function, division and genetics. Evolutionary theory will be discussed with care and consideration given to diverse opinions. An overview of […]

Section: AP Courses, Sciences   |   School: School of Rhetoric

AP Courses

AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Latin, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Art History

Wilson Hill Academy offers a variety of Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses approved by the College Board.  Details of the individual courses can be found on the appropriate summary pages.  Offerings include: Sciences AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Environmental Science AP Computer Science Principles Math AP Statistics AP Calculus AB Languages AP Latin Other AP Art […]

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