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Students in AP® Biology expand on and deepen their understanding of material mastered in a prior high school biology course. The College Board has formally authorized this course to carry the AP® designation and designed it to be the equivalent of a first-year college-level general biology class. In this rigorous course, students practice thinking scientifically and critically, communicate biological concepts effectively, understand and practice experimental design, and draw connections between biology and other disciplines. They study the four “Big Ideas” and the science practices recommended by the College Board, all through a biblical lens. This course provides the educational foundation for students to take the AP® Biology Exam administered by the College Board. Topics include: college-level biochemistry, cellular biology, genetics, evolution and ecology. 

Prerequisites: A solid foundation in biology, chemistry and physics; Honors Biology taken in the previous year recommended, though students who have completed AP Chemistry may prepare for AP Biology by enrolling in the Wilson Hill AP Biology Readiness self-paced course.

Suggested Grade Level: 11–12

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