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In Honors Biology, students who have a strong foundation in high school chemistry, in particular, and physics will eagerly apply their knowledge in the study of biology as they examine Creation. Students evaluate all topics from a biblical worldview, including the bioethics of gene editing and the controversies in evolution. As they develop an understanding of current biological theories, students sharpen their critical thinking skills. To increase skills in scientific enterprise and inquiry, students perform hands-on labs at home.

Topics include: biomolecules, cell biology, gene expression, genetics, evolution, the form and function of organisms in the six kingdoms, selected topics in human physiology, and ecology.

Prerequisite: Chemistry or Honors Chemistry

Homework Habits: Students typcially spend 3-5 hours a week completing reading assignments due before class and completing exercises due after class. Weekly assignments also include a lab, test or project.

Suggested Grade Level: 11–12

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