Section: AP Courses, Schools, Sciences, Summer   |   School: School of Rhetoric

This self-paced course is designed to give students an overview of the concepts and terminology they will need to be successful in the WHA AP® Biology course.  It is primarily intended for three groups of students:

  • Those who have taken a standard Biology class in prior years — one that was not based on Chemistry as a prerequisite.
  • Those who have taken the standard track WHA Biology course, and who wish to close the gap between that course and the AP® Biology.
  • Those who have completed the an AP® Chemistry course (at WHA or elsewhere), and who wish to go directly into AP® Biology without first taking a Chemistry-based Biology course.

Of course, students who have completed the WHA Honors Biology course and just want some extra preparation are welcome as well.

More details on this course will be coming soon.

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