Section: Schools, Sciences   |   School: School of Logic

Using a mastery-based approach for study and problem-solving skills, students in this course will be introduced to and explore topics from biology to foster a sense of wonder, and a curiosity about living things. Students will spend time outside recording observations, conduct lab activities throughout the year where they test hypotheses, present data and discuss outcomes. Students will be guided to evaluate the content from a biblical worldview as they consider order and design, the nature of science, history of biology, and scientific theories.

Topics include: cell biology, genetics, evolution, microorganisms, fungi, plants, animals, ecology, biology in society, and human body systems.

Homework Habits: Students typically spend 3-4 hours a week on reading assignments, vocabulary and discussion board posts. Students also prepare labs and occasional presentations.

Suggested Grade Level: 8

Intro to Biology Book List 2024-2025