Section: Humanities, Schools, Summer   |   School: School of Rhetoric

This Rhetoric 2 Readiness Self-Paced course introduces students to the central concepts and practical principles of the ancient art of rhetoric which will be necessary for advancing on to Rhetoric 2/Senior Thesis.  This course draws primarily from Aristotle’s seminal work, Rhetoric, as well as from various places in scripture and introduces students to a distinctively Christian understanding of the rhetorical discipline.  This course will cover the five canons of rhetoric, the three types of persuasion, stasis theory, and other fundamental rhetorical concepts.  The student will also have a chance to read a few of the great speeches in history.

Students registering for this course should also be registered for Rhetoric 2/Senior Thesis in the upcoming school year.

Course available June through December.     

Books and Materials:  
The Rhetoric Companion, N.D. Wilson and Douglas Wilson (ISBN: 978-1591280781)
*Rhetoric, Aristotle (ASIN:  B00A73FCYO)
**Elements of Style, William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White (ASIN: B07NPN5HTP)
Bible (any standard translation)
*An online version of Aristotle’s Rhetoric in the same translation is also available and may be used instead of the paperback version. Use the following site:  (Links to an external site.)
**Any version of Elements of Style will do.