Section: Composition, Schools   |   School: School of Rhetoric

Advanced Composition 1 provides robust and personal writing instruction for high school students. They will refine composition skills through imitative writing and essay construction. Students practice emulating the voice of consummate authors by closely examining tone, diction, and syntax. This course reinforces prior grammar instruction through the analysis of complex sentence structures. Thesis-based writing assignments challenge students to develop increasingly sophisticated essays, including various modes of appeal, argument, and arrangement. Students will enhance lateral thinking skills concerning literature and will practice research skills by drawing from outside sources. While no corequisites are required, writing assignments are based on literature read in The Great Conversation 3 course. As a prerequisite, students must have successfully completed Languages Arts 4 or Fundamentals of Academic Writing or have received permission from the registrar. Language Arts 4 students who need more confidence and practice are encouraged to enroll in Fundamentals of Academic Writing.

Book List 2020-2021