Section: Composition, Literature, Schools   |   School: Grammar School

The LA1 classroom is an exciting place where time flies. Students learn to love reading and writing as they explore great works of literature and poetry, immersing themselves in God’s beauty, goodness and truth. They come to class each day excited to participate and can hardly believe when class is over. 

Topics include: (in an integrated approach to grammar and writing):  parsing and classifying sentences, identifying parts of speech and using them correctly, applying correct punctuation and capitalization rules; descriptive, narrative and expository writing, emphasizing eloquent sentence structure and using textual evidence; copywork and dictation exercises that not only reinforce grammar, spelling and usage, but also provide exposure to commendable sentence structure and presentation; daily poetry reading that enables students to explore eloquent expressive forms and learn how to use the English language more effectively in their own writing.

Homework Habits: Students typically spend 2 hours a week on reading assignments, though this depends on the student’s reading speed. Weekly assignments also include memory work and a grammar exercise due at the end of the week.

Suggested Grade Level: 5, depending on previously acquired reading, grammar and writing skills. LA1 serves as an introductory course for ages 10 to 12. While it may serve as an introductory course for a younger diligent student, prior exposure to sentence capitalization, end marks and parts of speech is preferred.

2024-2025 Language Arts Levels 1 Book Lists