Section: Composition, Literature, Schools   |   School: Grammar School

This course introduces students to great works of children’s literature and provides an integrated approach to grammar and writing instruction. Using WHA instructor-developed materials that correspond to the literary selections, students will work through grammatical concepts such as parsing & classifying sentences, identifying parts of speech and using them correctly, and utilizing correct punctuation and capitalization rules. Students will also use the course’s literary selections to work through a variety of writing assignments, including descriptive, narrative, and expository writing, with a special emphasis on eloquent sentence structure and using textual evidence. Copy work and dictation exercises will not only further reinforce grammar, spelling, and usage but also provide exposure to commendable sentence structure and presentation. Finally, daily poetry reading will enable students to explore eloquent expressive forms and learn how to use the English language more effectively in their own writing.

This course is appropriate for students in Grade 5, depending on previously acquired reading, grammar, and writing skills. Students in Grade 6 who are not yet ready for Language Arts Level 2 or diligent, younger students with prior exposure to sentence capitalization, end marks and parts of speech may also enroll.

2022-2023 Language Arts Levels 1 Book Lists