Section: Composition, Schools   |   School: School of Rhetoric

Advanced Composition 2 continues, and builds upon, the robust and personal writing instruction offered in Advanced Composition 1. Students will develop personal style and voice through imitative exercises that challenge students to look closely at the syntax and diction of distinguished authors. While Advanced Composition 2 students still draw upon literary sources, they will practice finding, evaluating, and utilizing secondary sources that contribute to the conversation. Throughout the year students will complete timed writing exercises which progress logically in difficulty and prepare students to formulate an argument quickly. No corequisites are required, but some writing assignments are based on literature read in The Great Conversation 4 course. Any Great Conversations course, though, may be taken at the same time as the Advanced Composition courses. Students should choose the composition course that best fits their writing development. 

Prerequisite: Advanced Composition 1

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