Section: Composition, Schools   |   School: School of Rhetoric

Advanced Composition 2 builds upon the robust and personal writing instruction offered in Advanced Composition 1. Students develop personal style and voice through imitative exercises that challenge the students to closely examine the arrangement, syntax and diction of distinguished authors. While Advanced Composition 2 students continue to draw upon literary sources, they also practice finding, evaluating and effectively using secondary sources. Additionally, students practice rhetorical analysis, declamation and timed writing throughout the year to further develop their written and oral language skills. 

Topics include: advanced grammar, mechanics and usage; imitative writing exercises to understand the effect of syntax and diction on voice and to develop personal style; mastering skills of invention and thesis development; designing an argument using a variety of paragraph structures; advanced expository essay assignments that demonstrate a cohesive, concise, thorough and clear argument. 

Prerequisites: Advanced Composition 1

No corequisites are required, but some writing assignments are based on literature read in The Great Conversation 4 course. However, students may take any Great Conversation course concurrently. Students should choose the composition course that best fits their writing development.

Suggested Grade Level: 10–12

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