TGC 4 takes students deeper into the works of many of the same authors covered in TGC 1. Taught alongside several books of the Bible, the primary source writings challenge students to interact with brilliant minds of the ancient world. Class discussions and writing assignments provide opportunities for School of Rhetoric students to increasingly shape their rhetorical skills as they more eloquently critique the Graeco-Roman worldview through the unchanging truths of Scripture.

Topics include: major events and ideas of ancient Mesopotamia, Israel, Greece and Rome; works of Homer, Plato, Livy, Virgil and others; regular class discussions and writing assignments on the readings and their significance in historical and biblical context; and the art of dialogue from a biblical perspective.

Homework Habits: Students typically spend 3-5 hours a week on reading assignments, though this depends on the student’s reading speed. Weekly assignments also include writing a discussion board post and two papers per semester.

Suggested Grade Level: 10

2024-2025 TGC 4 Book List