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Students in Math 7 enjoy the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas they have newly discovered about math, including alternative strategies for solving math problems. They become independent, thoughtful problem solvers with a deep appreciation for the joy of mathematics. Students who complete this course successfully are well prepared for Algebra I. Topics include: operations with integers and rational numbers; equations and inequalities; direct and inverse proportions; surface area and volume; concepts in statistics and probability, simplifying equations using the laws of exponents. Prerequisites: Math 6 or equivalent skills. Math 7 is best suited for 7th–8th grade students who know multiplication facts, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with whole numbers, decimals and fractions and have a solid foundation with word problems. Prior coursework in a Singapore Math curriculum is preferred. Pre-Algebra may be a better option for students without a Singapore Math background.

Suggested Grade Level: 7–8

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