Section: Math, Schools   |   School: Grammar School

Exemplary math instruction in the early years gives students the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas they have newly discovered. The result is the development of independent, thoughtful problem solvers with a deep appreciation and joy of mathematics. Math 6 combines this pedagogy with an exceptional visual approach to problem solving based on the Singapore Method to encourage this type of learning.

This grammar level math course is best suited for students ages 11-12 who have a basic understanding of the concepts involving adding and subtracting fractions and decimals. Building on this foundation, students will expand their understanding and appreciation of fractions and decimals by learning to multiply and divide these expressions. The course also includes instruction in ratios, rates and percent. The introduction of algebraic expressions, equations and inequalities along with lessons about the coordinate plane and measures of central tendency will serve to solidly prepare students for Pre-Algebra.

Grammar Level Math Book List – 2023-2024