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Establishing solid mathematical study skills and iron clad problem-solving strategies is the mark of our Pre-Algebra course at Wilson Hill. This course offers instruction that provides a strong foundation for students as they progress from a concrete understanding of basic math concepts to a deeper level of abstract comprehension of math principles and application. Based on what they already know, students solve increasingly challenging math problems by identifying patterns, observing differences and asking questions. They develop a depth of subject understanding, the practice of thinking well mathematically and a joy of understanding mathematics as a way of thinking about the world rather than merely a collection of memorized facts. Students who complete this course successfully will be prepared for a rich Algebra 1 experience and beyond.

Topics include: order of operations, exponents, equation-solving, integers, basic geometry, ratio, proportion, percent, inequalities, graphing on the coordinate plane, area, volume, roots, basic probability and statistics. Students move through eleven chapters during the year. Typically, two lessons per day are covered in class, with homework from each lesson assigned for completion by the next class.

Prerequisites: Students should have a solid understanding of basic operations with whole numbers, fractions and decimals, as well as other foundational math concepts.

Homework Habits: Students typically spend 3-4 hours a week preparing algebra homework.

Students completing Math 6 should enroll in Pre-Algebra as 7th graders if they intend to take Algebra 1 in 8th grade. Those who are undecided or who have already decided to postpone Algebra 1 until 9th grade should enroll in Math 7 as 7th graders. New 7th or 8th graders with no prior experience in Singapore math should enroll in Pre-Algebra.

Suggested Grade Level: 7–8

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