Students engage the Great Conversation at its beginning by learning some of the earliest and most beautiful stories ever written, along with the major events and ideas of ancient Mesopotamia, Israel, Greece and Rome. Along with several Bible books, students will study the work of Homer, Herodotus, Livy, Virgil and others. The course also includes several novels by C.S. Lewis whose stories bear many connections with the themes found in the Bible books and ancient works. Students will cultivate the skill of close and thoughtful reading as they listen in on the initial portion of the Great Conversation. They will be encouraged to weigh the experiences, events, and ideas they encounter in light of biblical truth. Aimed at School of Logic students, class discussions and writing assignments will provide opportunities for students to articulate their understanding of authors’ works and contrast ideas with the teaching of Scripture.

Please note that this course is considered to be a “School of Logic” course and will not earn high school credit.


2023-2024 TGC 1 Book List