Section: Languages   |   School: School of Logic, School of Rhetoric
Junior Classical League is an extracurricular club for all secondary (7th-12th)  Latin and Greek students (FOL+) who wish to broaden their classical language education while socializing with friends and teachers. Student-elected officers and WHA faculty design activities and games which explore topics in the classics in a lively and engaging way, and since this is a club, not a class, there are no tests or assignments. 
All JCL members are able to take the National Latin or Greek Exam, the National Classical Etymology Exam, and the National Latin Vocabulary Exam at no additional cost. Junior Classical League is an impressive extracurricular to add to college applications, and joining Junior Classical League is one of the  requirements for induction into the National Latin and Greek Honor Societies.  WHA students who are currently studying Latin or Greek elsewhere are welcome to join WHA’s JCL chapter, and even students who are taking a break from Latin or Greek but who have studied previously are encouraged to register.