Section: Languages, Schools   |   School: School of Logic, School of Rhetoric

Latin is alive and lively in Latin 1! Students explore how an inflected language works while developing translation skills and exploring Roman culture. The ancient Romans and their practices come to life as students read passages in both Latin and English. Students begin to recognize the roots of Latin across all subjects and learn to appreciate the influence Latin and Roman civilization has had throughout the world.

Topics include: five noun declensions, four verb conjugations, adjectives, pronouns and common expressions, with emphasis on Latin vocabulary and English derivatives.

The course price includes registration, study sessions, administration and medal/certificate distribution for the National Classical Etymology Exam, the National Latin Vocabulary Exam, and the National Latin Exam.

Prerequisites: None

Homework Habits: Students typically spend 2-4 hours a week on translation assignments, vocabulary and grammar assessments.

Suggested Grade Level: 7 – 12

Latin 1 Book List 2024-2025