Section: History, Schools   |   School: School of Logic

The story of history is the story of God’s providence. This course weaves together the flow of history in three dimensions: time, space and story. Using a timeline that starts with Creation and ends with the 20th century, this class teaches world geography chronologically. While examining concurrent events in different regions during a particular period, students discover why geography matters: how landforms, climate and natural resources affect the events of history. Students also learn how individuals and their choices impact the flow of history. As they develop an integrated understanding of time, space and story, students prepare well for deeper engagement in future studies. 

Topics include: Creation, the Ancients, the Middle Ages, the early Modern Age, Revolution and Industry, and the Modern World.

Homework Habits: Students typically spend 2 hours a week on reading assignments, vocabulary, map work and a discussion board post. Students also prepare three projects during the year.

Suggested Grade Level: 7–8

2024-2025 Book List