Section: Languages, Schools   |   School: Grammar School, School of Logic

Fundamentals of Latin is a transitional class which introduces students with little or no Latin background to the basics of Latin grammar and ancient Roman culture. Designed to ease the transition into Secondary Latin, this class grounds students in Latin grammar basics. After learning how the inflected language of Latin works, students are prepared for the Introductory Level of the National Latin Exam. The course price includes registration, study sessions, administration and medal/certificate distribution for the National Classical Etymology Exam, the National Latin Vocabulary Exam and the National Latin Exam.
Students who would benefit from reviewing Latin basics, who are new to Latin or classical education, or who are not ready for Secondary Latin 1 are encouraged to enroll in this course. Students who have worked through grammar-level primers and are confident in their Latin skills should consider enrolling directly in Secondary Latin 1.

Topics include: Latin vocabulary and English derivatives, three verb conjugations, three noun declensions, first and second adjective declensions, identifying case endings and translating accordingly, proficiently parsing and translating verbs in the present system; identifying and labeling parts of speech and parts of the sentence; labeling, parsing and translating simple Latin sentences; and recognizing major Greek deities and their stories.

Prerequisites: None

Homework Habits: Students typically spend 2-4 hours a week on translation assignments, vocabulary and grammar assessments.

Suggested Grade Level: 6 – 8

Fundamentals of Latin Book List – 2024-2025