Kelly Songer graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1990 with a B.A. in Human Communication. She and her husband, Jimmy, lived and worked as missionaries in the Philippines for fourteen years, where all four of their children were born. Her love of languages was sparked when she studied Greek in college. After that she learned Tagalog while working as a missionary and upon returning to Texas, had the opportunity to learn Latin. She taught Grammar Latin for two years at Providence Classical School in Spring, TX, and has spent the last three years teaching online Grammar Latin courses. She has also taught Latin to Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric stage students in homeschool groups. She loves teaching Latin and is eager to share her love of languages with her students.

One of her favorite quotes is:

“If I were asked what, of all the things I was ever taught, has been of the greatest practical use to me, I should have to answer: the Latin Grammar.” – Dorothy Sayers

Courses taught by Kelly Songer