Kelly loves teaching Latin and is eager to share her love of languages with her students.  Many enter her class thinking Latin will be a dry, boring subject, but nothing could be further from the truth! Soon her students are having fun and recognizing the patterns, structure and beauty in the Latin language. When they use what they have learned to rise to the challenge of translating sentences and paragraphs in Latin, students experience a great sense of achievement. Often Kelly’s students tell her they feel she genuinely cares for them—because she does! When she asks them how they’re doing, they know she means it. Her goal is always to bring every single student with her through the semester and not leave anyone behind.

Kelly graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts in human communication. She and her husband, Jimmy, lived and worked as missionaries in the Philippines for fourteen years, where all four of their children were born. Her love of languages was sparked when she studied Greek in college. She learned Tagalog while working as a missionary, and upon returning to Texas, she had the opportunity to learn Latin. She taught Latin for two years at Providence Classical School in Spring, Texas, and has been teaching Latin online since 2013. Kelly serves Wilson Hill as a teacher and as an Academic Assistant on our Academics leadership team.

One of Kelly’s favorite quotes:

“If I were asked what, of all the things I was ever taught, has been of the greatest practical use to me, I should have to answer: the Latin Grammar.” –Dorothy Sayers


Courses taught by Kelly Songer