Wendy’s enthusiasm for math began when her high school teacher explained that God reveals himself in the ordered and consistent world of math. She attended the University of Delaware where she met her husband of 25 years and graduated with a degree in Secondary Mathematics Education. With a desire to apply the mathematics she studied, she worked for five years as an Actuarial Analyst before becoming an 8th grade teacher with classes in pre-algebra, algebra, and remedial math. After three years of teaching, she began her favorite career – motherhood! Wendy has homeschooled her two children since kindergarten. She is part of the leadership team of her local homeschool group and started its Student Government. In addition, she has tutored homeschoolers in geometry, algebra, and probability. Her children have taken online classes for eight years and Wendy is thrilled to be joining the community that has had a meaningful and lasting impact on her family. Currently, her son Hunter is in college, and her daughter Annette is in 10th grade taking Wilson Hill Academy classes. When Wendy is not doing something related to homeschooling, she likes to serve in her church youth group, study German, ice skate, bake, and go on adventures with family and friends.

Courses taught by Wendy Seefried