Wendy loves sharing her enthusiasm for math that began when her high school teacher explained that God reveals himself in the ordered and consistent world of math. She incorporates a variety of fun ways to engage her students. By regularly demonstrating how and why math processes work—rather than merely memorizing operations—her students not only systematically master essential math concepts but also learn to love the subject!

Wendy attended the University of Delaware where she met her husband of 25 years and graduated with a degree in secondary mathematics education. With a desire to apply the mathematics she studied, she worked for five years as an actuarial analyst before becoming an 8th-grade teacher with classes in pre-algebra, algebra and remedial math. 

After three years of teaching, she began her favorite career—motherhood! Wendy homeschooled her two children, helped lead her local homeschool group and started its Student Government. In addition, Wendy has tutored homeschoolers in geometry, algebra and probability. Her children attended Wilson Hill, and she is thrilled to serve a community that has had a meaningful and lasting impact on her family. Outside of work, Wendy enjoys serving in her church youth group, studying German, ice skating, baking, and going on adventures with family and friends.

“I just wanted to thank you so much for being an amazing teacher and creating such a positive environment in your class. My daughter has struggled greatly with math in the past, but not only are you her favorite teacher, math is her favorite class! Her confidence and skill has increased exponentially this year, and I give so much credit for that increase to you.”—Wilson Hill mom

Courses taught by Wendy Seefried