Anna Boydstun was raised in the Texas Hill Country amid farming and ranching. She earned a Bachelor of Interior Design degree from Texas Tech University, specializing in Historic Preservation and Restoration. Along with working on historic design projects over the last twenty years, she followed her passion for training young minds and taught in public and private schools before homeschooling her three children full-time. Anna has served as Challenge Tutor and Practicum Speaker for Classical Conversations for several years. She loves cultivating a learning environment that centers on Christ and involves discovering the treasure of His wisdom. Anna holds a Master of Arts in History from Liberty University and is nearing completion of her PhD in History from Liberty University.

In her spare time, Anna works with museums and municipalities on archival and curation projects. Although her research has largely involved the twentieth century, she also focuses on intellectual histories that span from ancient to modern eras and involve Christian cultural engagement. She has presented on various Texas histories as well as the history of education, namely John Calvin’s influence on the American Founders’ education.

Anna holds dear the reading of her Bible and the works of many favorite theologians. Her love for the theology of hymns has her listening to them daily. Anna’s family has gratefully been involved with Wilson Hill Academy since 2016. They have moved often over the years and now spend their time between the Texas Hill Country, Texas Panhandle, and Virginia.

Courses taught by Anna Boydstun